10 Best Public Relations Companies January 2015

10 Best PR is a rapidly growing awards organization for the public relations industry. We are committed to helping you connect with great PR firms from around the world. Ranking order is based a wide range of qualitative and quantitative variables, including the payment of monthly listing fees to be in our directory. Learn more about our ranking process here. Each firm below strives to give you the best possible service, working with 10BD to reach out to you!

 Top PR Firm Logo: Grayling
#1 of 10 Leading PR Firms


New York, New York

#1 of 10 Top PR Firms of 2015 - Grayling Public Relations has it all to help you target your niche and get the best possible results. From brand recognition to event planning, everything you need to get your product in the public's line of vision is ready and waiting. Our professional staff will work with you to develop a marketing plan best suited for your promotional needs. Tell us what you want and we will make it happen. Find out how your brand can rise to the top with a little help from your friends at Grayling.

 Leading PR Business Logo: Pierpont Communications
#2 of 10 Best PR Companies

Pierpont Communications

Houston, Texas

#2 of 10 Leading PR Businesses of 2015 - Pierpoint communications offers services in public relations, public affairs, marketing and investor relations. Offering four offices in Texas, Pierpoint has won numerous awards both locally as well as nationally. From recruitment for a national brand, to doing the leg work in laying a pipeline through Texas, Pierpoint has the team with the knowledge and experience to get the job done right! But just as important is that we believe strongly in giving back to the community. Let Pierpoint handle your communication needs!

 Best PR Business Logo: WeissComm Group
#3 of 10 Top PR Businesses

WeissComm Group

San Francisco, California

#3 of 10 Best PR Companies of 2015 - WeissComm Group is a first class public relations company that specializes in helping clients cultivate strong, positive images in the public eye. To accomplish this objective, the professionals of WeissComm Group adopt an all-inclusive approach to the world of public relations. We're pleased to offer a wide range of services, including social media marketing. By leveraging social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, we're able to increase the client's sphere of influence while helping him or her cultivate an ever-expanding base of loyal customers. When you're ready to take your brand to another level of success and productivity, the professionals of WeissComm Group are here to help.

 Best PR Company Logo: PMK*BNC
#4 of 10 Top PR Companies


Los Angeles, California

#4 of 10 Top PR Firms of 2015 - PMK*BNC works from bases in Los Angeles, New York, and London and has been influencing pop culture and entertainment for decades. The company's core values are finding what inspires people, offering creative solutions, and integrity. PMK*BNC constantly evolves their strategies to provide clients with engaged audiences and to achieve and maintain cultural relevance. Clients include Mathew McConaughey, Selena Gomez, Sandra Bullock, Robert Redford, Zooey Deschanel, Glenn Close, Lindsey Vonn, Showtime, and Sundance Productions.

 Leading PR Business Logo: Motion PR
#5 of 10 Leading PR Companies

Motion PR

Chicago, Illinois

#5 of 10 Best PR Businesses of 2015 - Motion PR operates out of Chicago and specializes in internet relations, providing such services as media relations, crisis management, social media, grassroots communications, and blogger relations. The company aims with each campaign to speak to audiences where they "live, shop, and play." Clients include Red Bull, Panera Bread, Cars.com, Disney on Ice, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The company has been named one of the 10 Best PR Firms and 10 Best SEO Agencies.

 Top PR Agency Logo: Landis Communications Inc
#6 of 10 Leading PR Companies

Landis Communications Inc

San Francisco, California

#6 of 10 Best PR Agencies of 2015 - Landis Communications was founded 1990 and operates out of San Francisco. Services include public relations, social media services, and content marketing. LCI discusses goals with each client to design a results-oriented strategy for that individual business. The LCI team understands the need for compelling marketing and researches each client's competition and customer base to implement the best marketing campaign. The company won the Bulldog Award two years in a row for social media and best education or public service campaign and was added to the Bulldog Awards Hall of Fame.

 Top PR Agency Logo: 20K Group
#7 of 10 Best PR Companies

20K Group

Houston, Texas

#7 of 10 Top PR Businesses of 2015 - Dealing in public relations to the best of their abilities – the 20K Group strives to build better brands through organizing marketing strategies that make a difference. Their tactics are unique, and the team of creatives strive to change the way businesses are presented on the Internet and mobile apps. Each brand is fitted with communication plans, allowing the 20K Group to better build relationships between clients and their prospective customers. Their aim is helping Fortune 500 companies and start-up businesses become well-known on new levels, developing a stronger presence and reputation on and off of the Internet. Overall – a must-have for brands with their own marketing goals.

 Leading PR Agency Logo: Crenshaw Communications
#8 of 10 Top PR Businesses

Crenshaw Communications

New York, New York

#8 of 10 Best PR Businesses of 2015 - Crenshaw Communications operates out of New York and serves both New York and Los Angeles. The company works globally, working with established brands and up-and-coming businesses in such industries as digital, retail, and health. Services include marketing, public relations, and content creation with a focus on storytelling and visibility. The Crenshaw Communcations team of possess editorial skills that they use to craft content that sells brands. Verizon Wireless, Starbucks, Quiznos, and Gamestop are a few notable clients of Crenshaw Communications.

 Best PR Company Logo: DKC
#9 of 10 Leading PR Companies


Chicago, Illinois

#9 of 10 Best PR Businesses of 2015 - DKC was founded in 1991 and utilizes five offices located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Washington DC to provide an amazing network of opportunities and expertise. The company prides itself on combining the size and resources of a large firm with the creativity and innovation of a small agency. Services include media relations, public affairs, investor relations, and video marketing with a focus on proactive strategies. The DKC team has backgrounds in creative and business, political, advertising, digital, and communications fields. Clients include Aeropostale, billboard, Coca-cola, Clinique, Delta, Esquire, and Kraft.

 Best PR Firm Logo: Kemper Lesnik
#10 of 10 Best PR Agencies

Kemper Lesnik

Chicago, Illinois

#10 of 10 Leading PR Firms of 2015 - Kemper Lesnik is a leading marketing company that is known for getting a great return on investment for their clients. Sports marketing and event management requires the type of marketing professional that knows how to develop a concept and put it into action. They are very adept at incorporating the latest technologies into their blueprint for the client. They engage the consumer with their precisely targeted marketing techniques. Kemper Lesnik is the perfect marketing company for this century and the next. Make your next move to contact them today for more information.

Special Recognitions

 Best PR Firm Logo: Hart Associates
#11 Best PR Firm

Hart Associates

Maumee, Ohio

Hart Associates is a public relations company that operates out of Ohio. The company prides itself on offering a more collaborative and extensive approach than a typical ad agency. The team provides research, strategies, access to writers, and web development to achieve a uniquely well-rounded and innovative public relations experience. Clients include La Z Boy, Certified Angus Beef brand, CardinalHealth, and Wind Energy Corporation. The company consistently ranks among the Top 50 B2B marketing agencies.

 Leading Public Relations Agency Logo: Eileen Koch
#12 Best Public Relations Firm

Eileen Koch

Los Angeles, California

Eileen Koch is considered to be the best Public Relations Company in the industry, and this is due to the quality of service that they provide for all of their clients. Another thing that makes Eileen Koch the best at what they do is the variety of different services that they provide for their clients. A few of the services that their clients can choose from are special events, music, crisis PR, business development, artist development, media relations, and entertainment & celebrity PR.

 Leading PR Firm Logo: Tyler Barnett
#13 Leading PR Company

Tyler Barnett

Beverly Hills, California

Throughout the years, Tyler Barnett has worked hard to become the best Public Relations Company, and this is due to the quality of service that they provide for all of their clients. Tyler Barnett is considered to be a full service consumer and lifestyle public relations company, and they provide a lot of different services for their clients to choose from. Their office is based out of Los Angeles, California, and they also offer services for marketing and social media marketing.

 Leading Public Relations Business Logo: Regan Communications Group
#14 Best Public Relations Business

Regan Communications Group

Boston, Massachusetts

Regan Communications Group was founded in 1984 and operates out of Boston. Thirty years of experience and an intimate knowledge of Boston's media and business situation help the Regan staff give clients unparalleled service. In addition to that great asset, the company offers a wide variety of services including advertising, marketing, web development, social media, video production, government relations, and business networking. The Regan team comes from a range of journalism, advertising, media, government, and corporate backgrounds to offer clients a diverse and comprehensive public relations package.

 Top PR Agency Logo: Iprex
#15 Leading PR Business


New York, New York

Iprex has been providing clients world class advice since 1983. The services that are offered deliver the highest quality client work in major markets. The world's most successful communication agencies are among this peer group. Implementation is relied on with the support that ensure all assignments are managed effectively. Communication and connecting frequently ensure a team partnership with every client. Iprex has over 100 offices and over 1,500 staff members at your service. The many years of experience and success is offered to every client.

 Best Public Relations Firm Logo: Buchanan Public Relations
#16 Top Public Relations Business

Buchanan Public Relations

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Buchanan Public Relations was founded in 1998 and operates out of Philadelphia. The company specializes in media relations, social media, and crisis communications. To implement the most effective campaign, the company utilizes a unique communication process to get to know the client's business, their customers, and their needs. The staff are seasoned experts with experience in such fields as journalism, government, and corporate communications. Buchanan Public Relations partly founded The Public Relations Global Network, made up of 50 independently-owned public relations firms.

 Best PR Business Logo: 42 West
#17 Top PR Agency

42 West

Los Angeles, California

42 West was founded in 2004 and operates out of New York and Los Angeles. The company is the largest independently-owned firm in entertainment public relations, providing strategic counseling, marketing, events, tour support, and liaisons. 42West promises to build a strategy for each client that focuses on a clear and credible image. The company's many clients consist of actors, filmmakers, models, athletes, and recording artists who desire management for their primary business, charitable interests, and secondary business interests.

 Best Public Relations Agency Logo: NJFPR
#18 Best Public Relations Company


New York, New York

NJFPR, owned by Nancy J. Friedman, serves New York and Los Angeles hotels, luxury restaurants and spas, and destinations. The company was built on the idea of being passionate about public relations and aims to present a business's unique personality to the public in a way that inspires passion for the client's business. NJFPR provides media relations, events, launches, and social media. Their most notable clients include Westin Hotels and Resorts and Sheraton Hotel and Resorts.

 Best PR Company Logo: Weber Shandwick
#19 Leading PR Company

Weber Shandwick

Chicago, Illinois

Weber Shandwick is a public relations company that specializes in helping brands create original stories that allow them to engage effectively with their audiences. The company has a dedicated team of writers and designers who work on a global scale to build custom campaigns for their diverse clients. In addition to helping companies build strong brand identities, they provide high level crisis management services to help businesses whose reputations have been threatened. Weber Shandwick has won numerous awards, such as Global Agency of the Year 2014 by The Holmes Report and Advertising Age Agency A-List 2014.

 Top Public Relations Company Logo: BWR PR
#20 Best Public Relations Company


Los Angeles, California

BWR operates out of New York and Los Angeles and has over 33 years of experience in the public relations business. The company provides special events services, corporate communications, product launches, social media services, and marketing for clients in the fashion, hospitality, retail, and entertainment industries. BWR works with their clients' individual personalities as well as their professional needs to provide unconventional but results-driven success. Clients include Puma, Kohl's, Dell, Katy Perry, Jessica Chastain, and Mila Kunis.

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