10 Best Public Relations Companies October 2014

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 Best PR Company Logo: WeissComm Group
#1 of 10 Best PR Agencies

WeissComm Group

San Francisco, California

#1 of 10 Leading PR Businesses of 2014 - Most businesses need a middle man; someone who knows exactly how to boost their company to a target audience and the general public – which is exactly what WeissComm Group strives to do. Specializing in public relations, the WCG team consults with prospective clients to gain insight into the ins-and-outs of the business. From there, their tactics revolve around planning and networking, gaining the attention of as many interested customers and readers as possible by implementing various marketing tactics. Their concepts are high-performance and innovative, giving a client’s potential customers an interactive chance to learn more through social media and appealing advertisements.

 Leading Public Relations Business Logo: Pierpont Communications
#2 of 10 Best Public Relations Businesses

Pierpont Communications

Houston, Texas

#2 of 10 Best Public Relations Agencies of 2014 - Pierpont Communications is the largest independent public relations agency in the southwest United States, serving clients regionally, nationally and globally. Based in Houston and with four offices located throughout Texas, Pierpont provides integrated communications services that include public relations, consulting for public affairs, marketing and creative services, crisis management and investor relations. The company's experienced employees include individuals who have previously worked at Fortune 500 organizations, government agencies, and at some of the world’s largest multinational public relations firms. Affiliated with MSLGROUP, Peirpont can provide comprehensive client services globally.

 Best PR Business Logo: PMK*BNC
#3 of 10 Top PR Businesses


Los Angeles, California

#3 of 10 Leading PR Firms of 2014 - PMK*BNC has been a beacon for both new and seasoned companies, as their experience with public relations earns their clients new business. Through social media networking and keyword content writing, these PR giants have managed to launch themselves to the forefront of the agency race. Their keen skills come from a group of expert marketers, designers, and writers – each knowledgeable on various aspects of marketing. To generate more traffic for a client business, PMK*BNC exhausts every available option in marketing and advertising. Their reach is global, and they have successful, award-winning clients noted in popular culture, entertainment, and refined lifestyle.

 Best Public Relations Agency Logo: Grayling
#4 of 10 Top Public Relations Agencies


New York, New York

#4 of 10 Top Public Relations Businesses of 2014 - Grayling is a public relations company founded in 1981. It dedicated to helping clients in the environment and sustainability, energy, healthcare, consumer brands, technology and communications, transport and logistics, financial services, government and public sectors. The company is headquartered in London and has been recognized as one of the top digital consultancies in the United Kingdom. In addition to its London headquarters, the company has dozens of other offices that are located throughout the globe.

 Best PR Business Logo: Landis Communications Inc
#5 of 10 Best PR Firms

Landis Communications Inc

San Francisco, California

#5 of 10 Leading PR Businesses of 2014 - Landis Communications Inc has been in the public relations industry for over 25 years, and they are a company based out of San Francisco, California. They have worked with a number of well known large companies, but they have also been known to create public relation campaigns for start up companies as well. Back in 2010, Landis Communications Inc won a Bulldog award for media and public relations. That combined with the quality of work that they provide to their clients, they have gained the reputation of being the best Public Relations company in the industry.

 Top Public Relations Agency Logo: Motion PR
#6 of 10 Top Public Relations Companies

Motion PR

Chicago, Illinois

#6 of 10 Top Public Relations Agencies of 2014 - Motion PR is based out of Chicago, and they consider the reputation that they have built over the years to be their pride and joy. They have worked with a number of large nation brand companies helping them to develop their public relation campaigns. In order to do this, they offer a variety of services that their clients can choose from to help promote their company in a variety of different venues from social media to strategic planning. These are just a few reasons why their clients and the industry consider Motion PR to be the best Public Relations Company.

 Leading PR Business Logo: Crenshaw Communications
#7 of 10 Leading PR Companies

Crenshaw Communications

New York, New York

#7 of 10 Leading PR Agencies of 2014 - If you want to build up your business, you need to have exceptional PR. We are Crenshaw Communications, and we believe that PR is about more than a message. It is about telling a story - the story of your business. Using our advanced tools and skills - such as our profound understanding of how to use social media to advance your business - we want to tell the story of your business to your customers. Effective PR is about using effective strategies, using the right tools, and telling a good story. That is the mission of Crenshaw Communications.

 Best Public Relations Company Logo: Kemper Lesnik
#8 of 10 Leading Public Relations Companies

Kemper Lesnik

Chicago, Illinois

#8 of 10 Best Public Relations Agencies of 2014 - Kemper Lesnik has been providing quality services to their customers for years, and they offer services and campaigns in three different areas. These areas are public relations, sports marketing, and event management. Regardless of the area in which their clients hire them for, Kemper Lesnik always makes sure that they are providing their clients with the best solutions possible for their business. This is by far what has made them the best Public Relations company currently in the industry.

 Top PR Agency Logo: DKC
#9 of 10 Top PR Agencies


Chicago, Illinois

#9 of 10 Best PR Businesses of 2014 - DKC is a progressive, positive public relations company that empowers clients by offering comprehensive strategies to help them gain exposure while retaining a good image in the public eye. Our professional staff is skilled in offering a wide range of public relations services, some of which include investor relations, strategic counsel, integrated marketing, public affairs, media relations, media training, crisis management, digital media, video production, and event marketing. In recognizing that the world of public relations is subject to continual evolution, our team of experts works hard to remain cognizant of best practices and contemporary trends. In so doing, we're able to help our clients gain the high level of visibility and conversion they desire.

 Top Public Relations Agency Logo: Hart Associates
#10 of 10 Leading Public Relations Businesses

Hart Associates

Maumee, Ohio

#10 of 10 Top Public Relations Firms of 2014 - Hart Associates has been in business for many years, and they are considered to be a B2B business in their industry. They have worked with a variety of companies but large and small, but most of their clients are in the Building & Construction industry, the healthcare industry, and the manufacturing & engineering industry. Throughout the years they have been in business, they have built up their reputation by always providing quality service to their clients, and this is what has made them the best Public Relations Company in the industry.

Special Recognitions

 Top PR Agency Logo: Eileen Koch
#11 Best PR Firm

Eileen Koch

Los Angeles, California

Eileen Koch has built up their reputation over the years in the public relations industry by offering a variety of different services and campaign solutions for their clients. They are well known throughout the world, but they pride themselves on the personal level of contact that they provide to all of their clients. This is why a lot of their clients consider them to be the best public relations company in the business. The three areas that they provide services in are Branding, Marketing and Public Relations, but they are renowned for their public relation campaigns.

 Best PR Firm Logo: Regan Communications Group
#12 Leading PR Company

Regan Communications Group

Boston, Massachusetts

Founded in 1984, Regan Communications Group is one of the largest and most comprehensive public relations companies in New England. With six locations in Boston, New York, Providence, Cape Cod, Hartford and West Palm Beach, Regan is a full-service firm that offers clients a full range of public relations options. Among Regan's services are marketing, social media, advertising and video production. The company is geared towards serving high-profile clients in the consumer, lifestyle and hospitality sectors with services that include social media marketing, crisis communications, non-profit, cause-based and community relations, special events and white hat search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

 Leading PR Firm Logo: 20K Group
#13 Best PR Firm

20K Group

Houston, Texas

20K Group is a communications agency, and they have worked with a variety of different businesses both large and small. When it comes to offering their clients services, they offer services that fit into four different areas. These areas are public relations, training & development, digital communications, and crisis communications. Regardless of what type of service their clients are in need of, 20K Group guarantees to give their clients the best service possible. This is what makes them the best public relations company currently in the market.

 Leading PR Firm Logo: Tyler Barnett
#14 Top PR Firm

Tyler Barnett

Beverly Hills, California

Tyler Barnett has been helping their clients with public relations for years. They have clients in a variety of different industries from entertainment to medical. They work with small and large companies, and they offer a variety of campaign services to meet their clients needs. The three main areas that they focus campaigns are public relations, marketing, and social media management. When it comes to public relation campaigns, Tyler Barnett's clients and the public relations industry have realized that they are the best Public Relations firm for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is because of the quality of service that they provide their clients.

 Leading PR Firm Logo: Iprex
#15 Top PR Company


New York, New York

IPREX is one of the world's largest public relation companies currently in business, and they have over 100 offices stationed throughout the world. They have worked with a variety of well known businesses in order to help build up their public relation campaigns, through a variety of different methods. The method that they use depends entirely on the client that they are looking for. It is their professionalism and quality services that makes them the best public relations company currently in the industry.

 Top PR Company Logo: Buchanan Public Relations
#16 Top PR Company

Buchanan Public Relations

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Buchanan Public Relations is currently based out Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and they have worked with a variety of well known companies, but they have also been known to work with brand new start up companies in order to help them hit the ground running. Their features services range in three different areas, and these areas are media strategy & media relations, social media, and crisis communications. Thanks to a combination of these services, Buchanan Public Relations has gained the reputation of being the best Public Relations company currently in the industry.

 Leading PR Firm Logo: NJFPR
#17 Best PR Firm


New York, New York

Combining the love of travel, knowledge of destinations and a wealth of public relations expertise is what NJFPR is all about. Based in downtown Manhattan, NJFPR is in the midst of one of the worl'ds most vibrant travel cities and it ideally positioned to serve global travel industry clients, such as Westin Hotels and Resorts, the Waldorf Astoria and other hospitality-related companies. Through savvy and constant media relations, openings and launches, special events, partnerships, social media and branding, NJFPR presents its clients with a total package that gets the message out to target audiences.

 Top PR Agency Logo: 42 West
#18 Leading PR Company

42 West

Los Angeles, California

42 West is a Public Relations Company that is based out of Manhattan, New York, and they have done everything in their power to make a name for themselves in the industry. In order to do this, they have a wide variety of services that they offer to their clients, and some of the areas that they provide services in are talent, entertainment marketing, strategic communications, digital marketing, and targeted marketing. Regardless of the area of service that their client needs assistance in, 42 West has proven to always provide them with quality service experiences.

 Best PR Agency Logo: BWR PR
#19 Leading PR Firm


Los Angeles, California

With offices in Los Angeles and New York, B|W|R Public Relations has brought innovative publicity services to its clients for more than 33 years. Focusing on lifestyle, retail and consumer brands, entertainment, special events and more, B|W|R specializes in promoting beauty and fashion, movie and television content while also representing more than 200 on-air talent and music personalities. Services also include providing talent for promotions, corporate communications, hospitality, events and social advocacy, film and digital entertainment and social media placements.

 Leading PR Agency Logo: Weber Shandwick
#20 Best PR Business

Weber Shandwick

Chicago, Illinois

Weber Shandwick was created in 2001 out of a merger between the Weber Group, Shandwick International and BSMG. The public relations firm has 73 offices and provides services worldwide to clients. The company is recognized as one of the leading global public relations firms. It has won numerous awards, including the The Holmes Report's 2014 Asia-Pacific Consultancy of the Year and PRWeek's International Consultancy of the Year (2013). The firm provides business marketing, consumer marketing, crisis communications and issues management, government relations, measurement and analytics, public affairs, travel and lifestyle marketing and more to its clients.

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