10 Best Public Relations Companies July 2015

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 Best Public Relations Company Logo: SSPR
#1 of 10 Top Public Relations Firms


Northfield, Illinois

#1 of 10 Best Public Relations Agencies of 2015 - SSPR is an award-winning, full service public relations company. Since its founding in 1978, it has established offices to serve clients in Chicago, Boston, Colorado Springs, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. SSPR has earned a stellar reputation for its ability to take a client's story to the news media and obtain extensive coverage in print, online and broadcast media using cutting-edge strategies. In addition to working with clients for general public relations purposes, SSPR is also recognized for its ability to service high-tech industries and technology clients.

 Top Public Relations Firm Logo: Affect
#2 of 10 Best Public Relations Firms


New York, New York

#2 of 10 Best Public Relations Companies of 2015 - Affect is a public relations company located in New York City, NY. Whether you're a new business or have already been active in your industry for several decades, they have PR solutions that will work for you, such as helping you make press releases, public speeches, byline article and column placement, working on media relations, addressing a crisis and a whole lot more. Affect has received numerous awards in recognition of their dedication to quality in the field of public relations, such as the 2014 PR News Platinum Award, and 2014 Hermes Creative Award. With their team, your business will be in good hands.

 Best Public Relations Firm Logo: Be Social PR
#3 of 10 Leading Public Relations Firms

Be Social PR

San Diego, California

#3 of 10 Top Public Relations Businesses of 2015 - Be Social PR, with offices in San Diego and Los Angeles, serves clients as a premiere lifestyle communications agency. Its specialty is creating savvy strategies that inspire consumers to connect with specific brands through the use of modern media. In addition to offering a full slate of public relations services, Be Social PR also assists clients with digital publicity, event marketing, influencer relations and social media marketing in order to not only establish the client's brand but also extend its reach.

 Top Public Relations Company Logo: WebpageFX
#4 of 10 Best Public Relations Firms


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#4 of 10 Leading Public Relations Firms of 2015 - On occasion, businesses need a lift from a public relations standpoint. WebpageFX utilizes industry-leading tactics to provide necessary positive PR. Nothing hurts a website's traffic and sales conversions more than negative PR results. By using search engine optimization and other tactics, the company turns around a website's search reputation. This mix of public relations and reputation management makes WebpageFX the best public relations company for websites today. For that reason, webmasters shouldn't ignore their current PR mess. Solutions and help are available from Webpage FX, and the company has a long history of succeeding at PR where other companies fail.

 Top Public Relations Business Logo: Boostability
#5 of 10 Best Public Relations Agencies


Lehi, Utah

#5 of 10 Leading Public Relations Companies of 2015 - Boostability is a public relations company that knows the realities of today's digital world. This is why their approach to PR involves combining traditional online marketing techniques with digital public relations methods. This lets business owners draw positive attention to their company and its products, while interacting closely with their customers. Over the years, Boostability has helped countless companies get their names recognized online, which can lead to a large increase in sales and brand awareness in their target audience. They even offer a free assessment of your digital presence as part of their services.

 Top Public Relations Business Logo: Mannfolk
#6 of 10 Top Public Relations Firms


Los Angeles, California

#6 of 10 Top Public Relations Companies of 2015 - Mannfolk Public Relations is a boutique agency offering clients a full range of communications services. The personalized attention that the company provides its clients in fashion, lifestyle, beauty and social media categories consistently results in media coverage on a national scale. Mannfolk maintains offices in two of the country's most exciting media centers, New York City and Los Angeles. Its dedicated staff of communication professionals focuses its creative talents on introducing the brand message of diverse clients to some of the world's most influential trendsetters.

 Leading Public Relations Agency Logo: Idea Grove
#7 of 10 Leading Public Relations Agencies

Idea Grove

Dallas, Texas

#7 of 10 Leading Public Relations Agencies of 2015 - Idea Grove is a public relations firm with a focus on inbound marketing. The services that the company offers include social media marketing, web design, content creation, SEO strategies, and search engine marketing. Idea Grove's portfolio is varied -- from ebooks and bylined articles to websites and online communities. The firm's clientele includes CA Technologies, Long Range Systems, EXL Service, Rise Smart, and BancTec. Idea Grove is headquartered in Dallas, TX, with a second corporate office in London, England.

 Best Public Relations Firm Logo: MWW PR
#8 of 10 Leading Public Relations Agencies


Dallas, Texas

#8 of 10 Leading Public Relations Companies of 2015 - MWW PR is a marketing agency with an expertise in a myriad of areas such as public relations and business consulting. This company specializes in managing corporate communications for major entities in banking, finances and other niches. Additionally, there is a focus on the health, wellness and sex industries. For example, MWW PR knows how to take on projects that focus on the LGBT community worldwide. Personalized messages are inserted into social media posts in order to connect directly with target markets. MWW PR also likes to use models and other subjects who resemble the people in the target audience.

 Top Public Relations Agency Logo: M/C/C
#9 of 10 Best Public Relations Agencies


Dallas, Texas

#9 of 10 Leading Public Relations Agencies of 2015 - M/C/C is a public relations company that serves both B2C and B2B audiences. Its expertise lies in industries such as entertainment, security, telecom, consumer electronics, and financial services. M/C/C doesn't describe its services as being related to public relations or advertising; it is rather described as a well-balanced "mix" of outreach and communications to modern audiences. M/C/C has worked with a number of well-known clients including Alienware, Chuck E. Cheese's, Texas Instruments, and Hudson & Marshall.

 Top Public Relations Firm Logo: Trier & Co
#10 of 10 Top Public Relations Firms

Trier & Co

San Francisco, California

#10 of 10 Best Public Relations Companies of 2015 - Trier & Co. is a firm that specializes in content marketing, public relations, and digital marketing. The company helps technology companies build their respective brands and solve business problems. Trier's areas of expertise include Enterprise, Cloud Software & Services, Mobile & Data, Digital Marketing Platforms & Services, Analytics & Machine Learning Solutions, and BPO & IT Services. Trier & Co. has several high-profile clients, which include Capgemini, Accenture, Microsoft, SanDisk, SAP, and Firefox. The company is based in San Francisco, CA.

Special Recognitions

 Top Public Relations Agency Logo: Beautiful Planning
#11 Top Public Relations Agency

Beautiful Planning

New York, New York

Beautiful Planning is a global full service marketing and public relations agency with a focus on specializing in media campaigns for clients in Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle, Food & Beverage, Consumer Brands and Products, Entertainment, Publishing, and Sports. Beautiful Planning, founded in 2005, has offices established in New York City, San Francisco and Vancouver in North America, and an international presence in London. It specializes in delivering aggressive publicity campaigns for its clients, resulting in comprehensive media buzz and greater brand recognition.

 Top PR Firm Logo: Finn Partners
#12 Top PR Agency

Finn Partners

New York, New York

Finn Partners is a group of global marketing strategists who specialize in creating exciting communications programs that establish the brands of clients in every industry. It has 12 offices, in such cities throughout the U.S. as Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, New York, and Washington D.C., with international work carried on at locations in Paris, Munich and Jerusalem. Finn Partners is recognized as one of the largest full-service public relations agencies in the world, having established a tradition of excellence in communications for more than six decades. Its extensive client services include crisis PR, social media management, digital publicity and public affairs.

 Top Public Relations Firm Logo: CO-Communications
#13 Best Public Relations Agency


New York City, New York

Co-Communications, Inc. is a full-service public relations and marketing communications agency that was founded in 1997. The company delivers a robust suite of PR services, which includes event support, community relations, media training, press conferences, speaker placement, and speech and press release writing. Co-Communications also helps clients with their branding and digital marketing efforts. The agency's clients have included End hunger Connecticut, Stark Office Suites, Grace Smith House, Graduate!CT, and the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS). Co-Communications has offices in Mount Kisco and New York City in New York, as well as a third office in Farmington, CT.

 Leading PR Firm Logo: MSL Group
#14 Leading PR Agency

MSL Group

Waltham, Massachusetts

MSL Group applies the latest marketing concepts to manage the public relations of clients. Social media is considered a powerful platform for maintaining communication between high-profile people and ordinary individuals. Official accounts are created and then updated often as a way to establish connections with followers on social media. MSL Group dedicates time to posting new blogs and other content that appeals to loyal followers. Additionally, advertisement campaigns are launched on social networks to attract new people who might be interested in a given idea, product or service. Sometimes, MSL Group encourages clients to hold real time conversations and answer questions from fans.

 Top Public Relations Firm Logo: Makovsky
#15 Leading Public Relations Company


New York, NY

Makovsky is a New York City-based company that takes on public relations on behalf of customers. This agency has an easy time connecting with high-profile people who are based in Manhattan, a major hub for international business and affairs. By working with TV channels, Makovsky uses traditional methods to manage communication for valued clients. At the same time, this company explores avenues on social media and other online platforms in order to promote famous individuals or guard their profiles. Makovsky believes in using the best legal services to handle any sudden outbreaks of scandals and other similar events that could seriously hurt the reputation of prominent people.

 Top PR Business Logo: Shift Communications
#16 Top PR Agency

Shift Communications

San Francisco, California

Shift Communications is a PR agency with locations in San Francisco, NYC, Boston, and Austin. The company is backed by over 100 experienced professionals, and they all work together to locate, build, and mold audiences for businesses that are ready to grow. In 2013, the Holmes Report named Shift Communications as Small PR Agency of the Year. Email marketing and communication, marketing strategy, PR and ROI analysis, event management, social media management, and content creation/marketing are just a handful of the services offered by Shift Communications.

 Leading Public Relations Agency Logo: Alpaytac PR
#17 Leading Public Relations Business

Alpaytac PR

Chicago, Illinois

With an appreciation for social media and search engines, Alpaytac PR is a marketing agency that takes advantage of the most popular online platforms for promoting clients. This firm manages official accounts and profiles of prominent people such as athletes and wealthy investors. In order to protect reputations, positive content is posted as a way to counter any false attacks by malicious people who hide anonymously online. Alpaytac PR also tries to publish press releases on traditional platforms like TV and radio channels as well as social networks such as Facebook. YouTube is used extensively to post short video clips about recent activities of clients.

 Top PR Company Logo: Clement Peterson
#18 Best PR Business

Clement Peterson

San Francisco, California

Clement Peterson uses their expert skills in media relations, search engine management, and communications to keep companies current on everything that concerns their business. They keep executives apprised of award ceremonies, important conferences, and presentations, so they have plenty of time to gather and create content and media discussions. Clement Peterson has excellent skills in reputation management and helping businesses keep their information current and correct. Their expert staff understand how important social media posts, questions, and concerns can affect a business, so they work hard to make sure that companies are displayed in a positive light both online and offline.

 Top Public Relations Business Logo: Schneider Associates
#19 Top Public Relations Company

Schneider Associates

Boston, Massachusetts

Schneider Associates is a public relations company based in Boston, Massachusetts. The agency specializes in Launch Public Relations, a concept that it developed in partnership with Boston University that focuses on launching products and rejuvenating once-dominant brands. Schneider Associates has worked with clients from a wide range of fields, which include education, consumer food and retail, professional services, non-profit, and government relations. Schneider Associates was named by the Boston Business Journal as one of the Top 100 Women Led Businesses in Massachusetts in 2011 and 2012. It has also been perennially named by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the country.

 Leading PR Business Logo: Hunter Public Relations

Hunter Public Relations is a globally recognized public relations firm specializing in award-winning consumer product publicity campaigns. With offices established in both New York City and London, the creative team at Hunter Public Relations combines traditional publicity methods with creative social and digital media outreach. Founded in 1989 as a specialist in food and nutrition clients, the firm has since expanded to include clients in the food and beverage, health and beauty, and home and lifestyle industries, serviced by more than 100 full-time public relations strategists.

 Leading Public Relations Business Logo: Graham Associates
#21 Leading Public Relations Business

Graham Associates

San Francisco, California

In today’s world, initiating and protecting client's brand is a very intricate and complex affair. To successfully navigate this vibrant landscape, a good idea and guidance by professionals who are genuinely interested in your image is mandatory. Graham & Associates provides incredible initiatives that are aimed at maintaining well-organized and successful business results using various communication techniques. Communication strategies utilized by the firm consist of traditional public relations, social media marketing, brand positioning, and brand refinement. Because every brand has a story, the company is willing to use yours to engage, motivate, and communicate with your clients.

 Best PR Firm Logo: KSA
#22 Leading PR Firm


Chicago, Illinois

KSA prides itself in being an international agency that handles public relations for prominent clients such as actors, athletes, celebrities and wealthy business people. This firm takes on a lot of responsibilities in managing the daily communication tasks on behalf of famous individuals. Crisis management is one important aspect of superior public relations services offered by KSA. If scandals and other similar situations break out, the reputations of people could be damaged severely. This company ensures that all accusations are countered with accurate information that disproves false statements. KSA also hires legal services to minimize any penalties and other troubles associated with ongoing charges against clients.

 Top Public Relations Agency Logo: Plan B
#23 Best Public Relations Agency

Plan B

Chicago, Illinois

With offices in Chicago, IL and San Francisco, CA, Plan B was founded in 1998 in response to the restricting and excessive characteristics of large public relations firms. Plan B uses what it likes to call the "4D Approach." In addition to managing the facets of their clients' earned, owned, and paid media assets, the firm also reallocates resources to assets according to the dictation of the market or changes in objectives; this is referred to as "Mix & Phasing Over Time." Plan B has done work for a wide variety of clients that include Land Rover, Volvo, Jaguar, Sprint, Orbitz, and Paper Mate.

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