10 Best Public Relations Companies May 2015

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 Best PR Business Logo: Affect
#1 of 10 Best PR Agencies


New York, New York

#1 of 10 Top PR Companies of 2015 - Public relations is more complex than it's ever been, which is why you should work with a professional PR firm for your company's communications. Affect is a PR firm that uses cutting-edge technology, creative ideas and talented people to produce exceptional public relations results. Affect specializes in the technology, healthcare and professional services fields and will work with companies of all sizes, no matter what their PR budget is. Whether you need a PR campaign created from scratch or you need an existing campaign tweaked, Affect will bring you successful results.

 Leading PR Company Logo: Red Fan Communications
#2 of 10 Leading PR Companies

Red Fan Communications

Austin, Texas

#2 of 10 Top PR Firms of 2015 - Red Fan Communications is a full-service publicity agency located in Austin, Texas. The company aids new and existing businesses alike in branding themselves and boosting their public profiles. Kathleen Kenney Lucente is the company president and founder. The rest of the firm's skilled and experienced team includes account executives, account coordinators, managers, strategists and directors. Red Fan Communications' various services include social media, crisis planning, brand positioning audits, strategic partnerships and media training. The firm has worked with many well-known clients over the years. These clients include the Acton School of Business, Moody National Bank, Riverside Homes, Wayward Chocolat, Osborne Advisors and MyEdu.

 Top PR Business Logo: Be Social PR
#3 of 10 Top PR Agencies

Be Social PR

San Diego, California

#3 of 10 Top PR Firms of 2015 - Be Social PR is the best public relations company. They have created a premium lifestyle communications agency that offers top-quality service. They use a fresh approach to modern media and create strategies that help businesses connect with their customers. Their specialty is public relations, but they also work in social media marketing, event marketing, influencer relations, and much more. They have offices located in Los Angeles and in San Diego. As soon as they begin working with a client, they try to get a clear grasp of their client’s goals. From there, they create a plan that will allow these clients to reach their goals a reasonable amount of time.

 Top PR Agency Logo: Beautiful Planning
#4 of 10 Leading PR Companies

Beautiful Planning

New York, New York

#4 of 10 Leading PR Firms of 2015 - Beautiful Planning uses social media and other platforms to bring attention to a client or a specific event. Associates at the firm understand how to use marketing correctly in order for a business or an event to work extremely well. Members on staff work with newspapers, television stations and other sources of media in order to reach a particular demographic. The firm has served a number of celebrities as well as corporations, authors and the fashion world. Beautiful Planning is ready to provide clients in the United States and the world with the marketing and public relations that is necessary.

 Best PR Agency Logo: 451 Marketing
#5 of 10 Top PR Businesses

451 Marketing

Boston, Massachusetts

#5 of 10 Best PR Firms of 2015 - A good number of great, well known brands likely call 451 Marketing's PR service the best you can get. Their client list includes big brands, like Yankee Candle, Heluva Good and Westin Hotels & Resorts. People in charge of a smaller brand still need PR and other marketing services. 451 Marketing is worth consideration by any person whose brand needs a public face lift. If you reach out to 451 Marketing in the near term, you may find yourself very happy with your decision in the long term.

 Best PR Agency Logo: Spong PR
#6 of 10 Leading PR Companies

Spong PR

Minneapolis, Minnesota

#6 of 10 Best PR Agencies of 2015 - Spong PR is a premier public relations consultancy based in Minneapolis, MN. They develop public relations concepts for select clients. Their client base consists of many household names. Some of the sectors that Spong provides consultation to are the automotive, consumer packaged goods, education, entertainment, finance, government, home, hospitality, industrial, leisure, non-profit, pet care, retail, technology, transportation and travel sectors. Some of their areas of focus include advocacy programs, boomer marketing, brand strategy, cause marketing, content creation, custom publishing, employee engagement, leadership engagement, media coaching and sports marketing. Spong has consistently ranked as one of the top public relations firms in Minnesota.

 Top PR Business Logo: Pierpont Communications
#7 of 10 Best PR Agencies

Pierpont Communications

Houston, Texas

#7 of 10 Leading PR Companies of 2015 - Pierpoint Communications is the best public relations company in the Texas. They have offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, and through their global affiliations serve clients across the globe. Specializing in public affairs, marketing, and investor relations, Pierpoint provides smart, experienced, and passionate service to their clients. With a focus on creativity and excellence, Pierpoint offers a unique perspective in the fields of public relations, marketing, and digital communications. Their strategy and insight keeps them ahead of marketplace trends with bold and fresh ideas, making Pierpoint Communications the best public relations agency.

 Best PR Company Logo: Grayling
#8 of 10 Best PR Companies


New York, New York

#8 of 10 Best PR Businesses of 2015 - Grayling is a leader in Public Relations, Government Relations, and Investor Relations. With 54 offices in 26 countries worldwide, they have the global reach to provide integrated messages in every major market. Corporate Communications is key to build and manage a company reputation. Grayling focuses on breaking through the noise to reach customers via both traditional and social media. Today's connected world means that a reputation can be destroyed in a few hours. Grayling's Crisis Management experts have the experience to manage the critical first 24-hours and work with clients to create comprehensive crisis management plans.

 Top PR Agency Logo: Motion PR
#9 of 10 Leading PR Businesses

Motion PR

Chicago, Illinois

#9 of 10 Best PR Firms of 2015 - Motion PR, which is based in Chicago, offers a wide variety of services to clients that can enable businesses and individuals to grow and thrive. Marketing an event may difficult to some, but Motion PR understands how to market an event effectively in order for it to receive the attendance and attention that it deserves. Some clients of Motion PR need assistance in media, and members on staff are able to give beneficial training that makes a huge difference. Social media has become more valuable and important over the years. Technicians at Motion PR use it effectively for their clients.

 Best PR Company Logo: 20K Group
#10 of 10 Leading PR Businesses

20K Group

Houston, Texas

#10 of 10 Top PR Companies of 2015 - 20K Group, which is based in Houston, helps individuals and businesses with communicating to consumers and other companies. Part of the work members on staff do is with public relations. It may seem like a difficult task to some, but professionals understand how to work effectively on behalf of each client. Creating a strategy is necessary in life, and technicians work with creating a beneficial digital strategy for their clients. The result is that website is used more efficiently, and brands are sharpened for better influence.

Special Recognitions

 Leading PR Company Logo: Crenshaw Communications
#11 Best PR Firm

Crenshaw Communications

New York, New York

Crenshaw Communications is a New York City based public relations firm with offices in Los Angeles as well. They have deep roots in New York city and work closely with their clients to provide high quality representation on multiple platforms and media outlets. The company combines the best of old school public relations with cutting edge social media approaches. The company specializes in putting together marketing and public relations campaigns. They can help any size business or group raise the public awareness of their brand. They can put together campaigns for specific situations or develop broader strategies for long term growth. They are led by Dorothy Crenshaw, a woman with years of experience in public relations, and her senior team. On the company blog, Crenshaw has posted a number of entries on topics such as how to re-brand Hillary Clinton and why women in PR firms earn less than men.

 Top Public Relations Firm Logo: DKC
#12 Top Public Relations Agency


Chicago, Illinois

DKC is an industry-leading public relations and marketing firm. They are among the top 10 public relations groups in the United States. The PR firm has offices in 5 major cities around the country. DKC provides consultation in the areas of integrated marketing, public affairs services, media relations, crisis management, digital media, video production, event marketing and investor relations. Their client list consists of high-profile individuals and fortune 100 companies. DKC staff is composed of creatives, industry experts and senior level executives. The group’s creative and strategic marketing services cover a wide range of industries such as: entertainment, healthcare, public safety and technology.

 Leading PR Agency Logo: Kemper Lesnik
#13 Best PR Firm

Kemper Lesnik

Chicago, Illinois

KemperLesnik is a public relations, sports marketing and event management company based in Chicago, Ill. A staff of professional communicators helps clients launch new products, manage sporting events and develop communications strategies. KemperLesnik also offers crisis management services. The company has been offering top-level communications service for 30 years. Clients include McDonalds Corporation, AON Risk Solutions, PNC Bank, Whirlpool Corporation and Kitchen Aid. KemperLesnik has helped make the Maui Jim Maui Invitational one of the most successful holiday college basketball tournaments in the nation. Get more information at www.kemperlesnik.com.

 Best Public Relations Business Logo: Eileen Koch
#14 Best Public Relations Business

Eileen Koch

Los Angeles, California

From offices in LA, "EKC" offers marketing, branding and public relations, and they do great work for online and print campaigns. This firm's diverse client list includes names like Jamie Foxx, Carmen Electra, Michael Buffer and many other famous celebrities. They also work with a range of companies, like GUESS, FilmLook, and Softline Home Fashions. If you want to see your name in lights, or you simply need better press for your company's brand, get in touch with these talented people!

 Top PR Firm Logo: Regan Communications Group
#15 Leading PR Company

Regan Communications Group

Boston, Massachusetts

With offices up and down the East Coast, Regan Communications delivers the best in public relations to its wide array of clients. Their client list includes Randolph Engineering, RE/MAX of New England, and the Boston Celtics, and it continues to grow. If you need a full service PR firm -- one that can deliver every type of PR piece you could imagine -- then you owe it to yourself and your business to contact Regan.

 Leading Public Relations Company Logo: Iprex
#16 Best Public Relations Business


New York, New York

In a way, Iprex is like a public relations company on growth hormones! They are the best choice for a lot of firms because of their size. While most PR agencies have a handful of offices tops, Iprex is actually a network of partnered PR companies spread out across the globe. They have 1500 partner offices in their $200 million network, and those partners are in all the major cities of Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the United States. Iprex also has four offices in the Southern Hemisphere. Reach out to an Iprex partner when you need global PR!

 Leading PR Firm Logo: Buchanan Public Relations
#17 Top PR Agency

Buchanan Public Relations

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Buchanan Public Relations is the best and fastest-growing communications firm in Pennsylvania. Their strategists combine experience, trust, and global outreach to provide the best services in media relations, social media, crisis communications, website development, branding, design services, and more. Their clients range from small start-up businesses working on their first launch to large, international companies. Buchanan Public Relations helps create corporate identity and manage all the marketing needs in a unique and professional way, making them the best public relations firm on the East Coast.

 Best Public Relations Business Logo: 42 West
#18 Top Public Relations Agency

42 West

Los Angeles, California

For many companies, it can be advantageous to hire a public relations firms to maintain their image and public presence. One such firm is 42 West. 42 West specializes in public relations management for businesses in the entertainment industry. The firm is expert in handling public relations for media companies, television networks, and online entertainment companies, making it a wellspring of useful skills in the growing digital world of today. If your media or entertainment company needs a new approach to managing and cultivating its public image, 42 West is one of the best companies in the industry.

 Top PR Company Logo: NJFPR
#19 Best PR Agency


New York, New York

NJFPR is a public relations firm with offices in both New York and Los Angeles. They specialize in serving the hotel and luxury brands industries. The firm has done many projects on behalf of some of the best hotels and hotel chains in the world, including the Marlton Hotel and the Gansevoort Hotel Group. Founder Nancy J. Friedman, who was once the PR director for the Dominican Republic, fully understands public relations. Furthermore, she and her staff love hotels and also building relationships. They are "media junkies" who love to talk to journalists about their clients.

 Leading Public Relations Agency Logo: Landis Communications Inc
#20 Best Public Relations Agency

Landis Communications Inc

San Francisco, California

Landis Communications Inc. is a full-service marketing company that's located in San Francisco California. The firm specializes in public relations, digital media and social media. Landis Communications Inc. has been providing these services to clients locally and all around the planet for roughly a quarter of a century now, having been founded in 1990. David Landis is the company namesake and CEO. Landis Communications Inc. has worked with a diverse range of clients from all types of sectors, including fashion, finance, hospitality, media, trade shows, culture and transportation. Their noteworthy clients have included the San Francisco Symphony, Baby Gap and Cold Stone Creamery.

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