10 Best Public Relations Companies October 2016

10 Best PR is a rapidly growing awards organization for the public relations industry. We are committed to helping you connect with great PR firms from around the world. Each firm below strives to give you the best possible service, working with 10BD to reach out to you! The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Leading PR Agency Logo: Veritas
#1 of 10 Leading PR Firms


Toronto, Ontario

#1 of 10 Best PR Agencies of 2016 - Veritas is a top notch team of tenacious PR experts who love providing clients with the customized public relations strategies necessary to boost sales, optimize visibility, and enhance relationships with the media. The representatives of the PR firm possess extensive experience in the dynamic world of public relations. As such, they are able to put together effective, customized public relations campaigns with remarkable speed and precision. Additionally, the Veritas community maintains a you-oriented outlook which involves keeping the client's needs and preferences at the center of the PR campaign at all times. For client-centered PR services that take your brand to the next level, choose Veritas.

 Best PR Agency Logo: Exponent
#2 of 10 Best PR Agencies


Minneapolis, Minnesota

#2 of 10 Leading PR Agencies of 2016 - Exponent is a team of passionate public relations professionals who excel in devising innovative campaigns that help clients share their brand with the target market. The techies of the company have extensive industry experience, and they use what they know to get results quickly and correctly. By building lasting connections between the client and prospective consumer, the Exponent representatives are effective in optimizing conversion and increasing the likelihood of brand loyalty. The PR professionals of the company have served representatives in numerous industries, including health and wellness, retail, rural living, nutrition, and agribusiness. Choose Exponent to attain the brand-boosting PR services you deserve!

 Top PR Firm Logo: Big Picture PR
#3 of 10 Top PR Firms

Big Picture PR

New York City, New York

#3 of 10 Leading PR Businesses of 2016 - Big Picture PR is a full-service public relations agency that offers clients diverse, customized services to ensure that they can optimize conversion rates, outperform all competitors, and enhance their relationship with the target market and media. Some of Big Picture PR's capabilities include: experiential marketing, brand strategy, editorial previews, digital PR, social media optimization, content development, product placement, design consulting, events, celebrity licensing, campaign video direction, and collateral materials development. The professionals of Big Picture PR are skilled in working with professionals within all of the following sectors: health and wellness, fitness, design, lifestyle e-commerce, fashion and accessories, beauty, parenting and youth, and consumer tech. Choose Big Picture PR for the win!

 Top PR Company Logo: Be Social PR
#4 of 10 Leading PR Firms

Be Social PR

San Diego, California

#4 of 10 Top PR Businesses of 2016 - Be Social PR is a top ten public relations company serving clients in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries. The team at Be Social PR is known for its creativity, cutting-edge technology and commitment to client satisfaction. Be Social PR delivers essential public relations services such as communications to investors, media, employees and the public. They design innovative marketing campaigns and deploy them across social media and the digital world. They help their clients to engage with consumers and bring their products to popular bloggers and other people of influence. Be Social PR also excels at online reputation management.

 Leading PR Firm Logo: Boostability
#5 of 10 Best PR Businesses


Lehi, Utah

#5 of 10 Top PR Businesses of 2016 - Corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who want to optimize their company's bottom line should connect with the professionals of Boostability. The internally motivated public relations mavens of this dynamic firm are skilled in implementing the customized strategies necessary to optimize visibility, boost sales, and improve brand visibility. As a full-service PR and marketing firm, the Boostability representatives offer all of the following services: broadcasting, directory listings, newspaper services, website services, search engine optimization, social media optimization, and content marketing. Additionally, the talented representatives of the firm keep clients up to date regarding how the PR and marketing processes are evolving. Choose Boostability to obtain an excellent ROI!

 Leading PR Agency Logo: Kenwerks
#6 of 10 Leading PR Firms


New York, New York

#6 of 10 Top PR Agencies of 2016 - Kenworks specializes in providing public relations services to fashion companies. For instance, they acquire positive media coverage and post engaging social media statuses. Favorable reputations and brand establishment are the result of their services. This PR firm also sees to it that the most successful media events are planned. As a result, ideas and inventions are developed from a seed that grows into full execution. Kenworks also has an edge about their campaigns that attracts target audiences in a way that no other company can.

 Best PR Firm Logo: Mannfolk
#7 of 10 Top PR Businesses


Los Angeles, California

#7 of 10 Leading PR Businesses of 2016 - Business owners who want to make their companies increasingly successful should turn to the professionals of Mannfolk. This dynamic public relations firm prides itself on offering clients the powerful services necessary to optimize their relationship with the target market and media representatives. The talented, tenacious PR professionals of Mannfolk are pleased to offer a wide range of business-building services. Some of them include: Press Liaison, Product Integration, Hollywood Showroom for Celebrity Access, Copy Writing, Creative Direction, Brand Image Development, Media Representation, Special Events Production, and Social Media Support. When you're ready to attain an exceptional ROI, get ready for Mannfolk.

 Best PR Company Logo: AMW Group
#8 of 10 Top PR Agencies

AMW Group

Los Angeles, California

#8 of 10 Top PR Companies of 2016 - AMW Group is a team of sedulous public relations professionals who offer comprehensive services to ensure that the client can connect and convert the target audience. Some of AMW Group's capabilities include: digital PR, blog placements, interviews, press releases, social media optimization, product/service introduction, major annoucement, copywriting, custom strategy, dedicated publicist, event coordination, interview scheduling, custom strategy, and brand consulting. The company's professionals have worked with professionals in numerous industries, including entertainment, food and beverage, fashion, sports, technology, and retail. As a community committed to maintaining a client-oriented methodology, business owners can count on attaining attentive services from amicable people when they choose AMW Group.

 Top PR Agency Logo: PR Girl Inc
#9 of 10 Best PR Firms

PR Girl Inc

New York, New York

#9 of 10 Top PR Businesses of 2016 - PR Girl Inc is a professional public relations company that empowers business owners to make their brands increasingly visible in order to win new clients and attain more industry authority. The representatives of the PR firm use a combination of guerilla marketing tactics and traditional marketing techniques to ensure that the brand becomes increasingly visible in broadcast media, online, and print. In addition to offering exceptional PR services, the representatives of this firm specialize in blogger outreach, social media, event planning and activation, and branding. Additionally, the PR Girl Inc professionals provide clients with constant updates regarding their campaign to ensure that the business owner is always informed about and involved in the process.

 Best PR Firm Logo: Couture Public Relations
#10 of 10 Leading PR Businesses

Couture Public Relations

Beverly Hills, California

#10 of 10 Leading PR Companies of 2016 - Couture Public Relations is a full-service PR agency that offers clients the diverse set of brand-building services necessary to optimize conversion. Some of the PR services provided by the Couture Public Relations professionals include: press releases, blogger outreach, video production, celebrity gifting, strategy development, start-up consulting, press releases, social media outreach, product placements, press kit creation, professional photo editing, image consulting, media relations, and business development. The representatives of the company are strategic planners, and this detail-oriented, results-driven approach enables them to realize the business owner's vision for the brand. To get your company going and growing now, contact the professionals of Couture Public Relations.

Special Recognitions

 Leading PR Company Logo: Effective Immediately
#11 Top PR Firm

Effective Immediately

Los Angeles, California

When you're ready to attain excellent public relations services, connect with the professionals of Effective Immediately. The PR professionals of this dynamic firm are passionate about helping clients develop powerful, positive relationships with the media and their target market. The company's areas of experience and efficacy include: project management, lifestyle and fashion PR, tour press, online and print press, single and video publicity campaigns, album/EP publicity campaigns, artist development, social media marketing, creative consulting, media training, community initiatives, and coaching. If you're serious about attaining cutting edge public relations services that help optimize your bottom line, choose Effective Immediately.

 Top Public Relations Company Logo: 3 Monkeys Communications

3 Monkeys Communications is a team of skilled public relations professionals who offer clients comprehensive services to generate substantive conversion rates. In terms of consulting, the representatives offer research, insight, planning, and creative strategies. They also feature media relations services such as social media optimization and influencer engagement. The PR professionals of the firm utilize a cutting edge outlook when building the client's campaign to ensure that her or his brand image is appealing to the contemporary target market. The 3 Monkeys Communications experts also work with dedication and diligence to ensure that the business owner is always up to date regarding the status of the PR project.

 Top PR Agency Logo: Kwittken
#13 Best PR Company


New York, New York

Kwittken has been described as one of the fastest growing communications agencies around. The specialists that work with this group focus on providing their clients with the fresh thinking and immediate brand recognition that creates business value, no matter the industry in questions. Through creative and thoughtful communications, the agency's model strives to provide all business owners with the tools they need to plan ahead for all types of engagements. Everything from public relations to powerful brand marketing fall under the company's scope, and they are always happy to work with new clients who are not sure how to proceed with PR projects.

 Best Public Relations Business Logo: Podesta Group
#14 Leading Public Relations Business

Podesta Group

Washingto, DC

Podesta Group is a team of productive, positive public relations professionals who utilize diverse strategies and systems to ensure optimal results. Some of Podesta Group's capabilities include: online advocacy, event strategy and production, reputation management and positioning, crisis communications, brand development, media relations and training, issues management, message development, digital engagement, graphic and web design, professional advocacy writing, speechwriting, corporate responsibility, ally recruitment, and bipartisan stakeholder mapping. Additionally, the Podesta Group representatives regularly interface with the corporate leaders they serve to ensure that the business owner is always up to date regarding the status of the PR project. Choose Podesta Group for the win!

 Best PR Agency Logo: Octopus
#15 Best PR Company


London, UK

Octopus has been ranked as one of the nation's best public relations companies. They work directly with business managers to devise strategic marketing and public relations campaigns that help to boost a client's reputation. At Octopus, the staff takes pride in their ability to boost brand recognition with their clever and innovative communications. The team at Octopus delivers future proofing, which is a unique strategy that few others in the public relations industry can provide. Their future proofing services help clients to anticipate future transactions and to set the stage for success. They also handle press releases and social media.

 Best Public Relations Firm Logo: Horn Group
#16 Best Public Relations Business

Horn Group

San Francisco, California

For businesses looking to expand their brand recognition, improve their reputation, and increase their sales and profits, contact Horn Group. Horn Group is the leading digital communications agency that combines public relations, social media marketing, and interactive service into one incredible agency. Since 1991, Horn Group has been on the forefront of public relations trends, always staying on top of changing technology and marketing strategies. They work in three markets: digital/media publishing, enterprise/cloud software, and consumer internet lifestyle/mobile. Their team works together as a unit to create a custom-made strategy designed for your business' unique needs to move your company forward.

 Best PR Company Logo: Gregory FCA
#17 Top PR Business

Gregory FCA

Ardmore, Pennsylvania

As a best ranked public relations company, Gregory FCA delivers sophisticated services that enhance the reputations and visibility of its clients. The team at Gregory FCA provides clients with national media relations, social media management and online reputation management. They create and issue informative press releases and handle urgent and crisis situations. The professionals at Gregory FCA are also experienced with investor relations, employee communications and media services. Gregory FCA works with clients across a variety of industries, including finance, technology, real estate, health care and consumer products.

 Leading Public Relations Company Logo: Mischief PR
#18 Best Public Relations Company

Mischief PR

London, UK

Mischief PR is a dynamic public relations company that offers a wide range of services to help business owners build their brands in a savvy, sophisticated manner. Started in 2006, the Mischief PR firm employs talented, tenacious industry professionals who possess the knowledge and experience to implement customized, cutting edge strategies with excellence and expedience. Additionally, the Mischief PR representatives recognize that the business owner's opinions and ideological perspective must always come first. As such, they excel in constantly interfacing with clients to ensure that their needs and interests remain an integral component of the PR process. To get results, get with Mischief PR.

 Top PR Business Logo: Magna Carta PR
#19 Leading PR Company

Magna Carta PR

Johannesburg, South Africa

Magna Carta PR is a public relations firm based in South Africa. The company maintains two offices and works with a team of seasoned marketing and public relations specialists that have decades of experience. With a specific focus in Africa, Magna Carta has worked with companies of various backgrounds. These organizations include major corporations, non profit organizations and government agencies. To maximize results for their clients, Magna Carta combines a variety of PR-related services. Social media management, press releases and media management are all part of a comprehensive package that is made available to businesses they work with.

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