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Among the features of a top beauty public relations agency, you will find that the firm will gather and present information that reaches a targeted audience. The agency will examine the products and services offered by the client before delivering news in a way that is creative and memorable. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best Beauty Public Relations Company Logo: Couture Public Relations
#1 of 10 Top Beauty PR Companies

Couture Public Relations

Beverly Hills, California

#1 of 10 Best Beauty Public Relations Agencies of 2017 - Any business in the fashion industry understands that they are different from any other industry. As such, it makes sense to work with the best fashion PR firm. Couture Public Relations has made it their business to understand the fashion industry on an intimate level. It allows them to offer more comprehensive services to their clients and ensure that businesses grow. Public relations are focused on the needs of the boutique, fashion designer, or any other business in the industry.

 Top Beauty PR Firm Logo: Now and Zen PR
#2 of 10 Leading Beauty PR Businesses

Now and Zen PR

New York, New York

#2 of 10 Best Beauty Public Relations Agencies of 2017 - It takes a rare kind of company to take on the unique challenges of working in the fashion industry, but Now and Zen PR has managed to up the ante and extend the reach of some of the most established brands around. Not only that, but this impressive team has also won quite a bit of acclaim working for start-ups as well. When brands are serious about enhancing their profiles, this is the company they come to for guidance and proper positioning.

 Leading Beauty Public Relations Agency Logo: Big Picture PR
#3 of 10 Top Beauty Public Relations Agencies

Big Picture PR

New York City, New York

#3 of 10 Leading Beauty PR Agencies of 2017 - Big Picture prides itself on its scope. It works with brands of all sizes and levels of success, from global influencers to brand new start-ups. One of Big Picture's main focuses is on organic grassroots marketing. It works with bloggers and social media to get the word out in a way that inspires interest and then continues to build naturally until the client has become a buzzed-about major player in the world of fashion. Big Picture creates a narrative for its clients and gives all of them the star treatment. Every brand receives top-tier media placement and sought-after advertising positioning.

 Top Beauty PR Company Logo: Kenwerks
#4 of 10 Leading Beauty PR Firms


New York, New York

#4 of 10 Top Beauty Public Relations Agencies of 2017 - With offices on both coasts -- New York and Los Angeles -- Kenwerks helps individuals and companies in the fashion industry reach their intended audiences by effectively marketing their products, services, and events. Kenwerks' areas of expertise includes event production, brand management, public relations, and creative direction. The agency has worked with brands that include Prism Sport, Cult of Individuality, Triton, Southern Tide, Premiere Vision New York, and Graf & Lantz. Kenwerks was founded by -- and named after -- Kenneth Loo, who has already garnered experience working with brands such as Sports Illustrated, Dolce & Gabanna, Ben Sherman, LASC, and Q Media.

 Best Beauty PR Agency Logo: Be Social PR
#5 of 10 Top Beauty Public Relations Businesses

Be Social PR

San Diego, California

#5 of 10 Leading Beauty Public Relations Agencies of 2017 - Be Social PR takes a contemporary approach to marketing. It reaches potential customers where they already are: on social media and out at exciting events. The firm's methods seem laid-back but are actually remarkably effective. Today's consumers are savvy enough to know when someone is trying to sell them something, so you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Be Social knows how to do just that. Consumers don't want the brand or some anonymous advertiser to tell them what's cool. They want their friends and favorite influencers to tell them. Be Social will help you make the connections that will get your products in the right hands.

 Best Beauty Public Relations Business Logo: Mannfolk
#6 of 10 Top Beauty Public Relations Businesses


Los Angeles, California

#6 of 10 Top Beauty PR Firms of 2017 - What is hot in fashion right now might be vastly different from what is hot in fashion next month. Fashion houses move through trends quickly, and the designers who work for them may wish to strike off independently or develop a new brand that was unknown to consumers in the past. When a fashion designer or firm needs to attract positive attention, it turns to the public relations services delivered by the professionals at Mannfolk. As one of the ten best fashion public relations firms, Mannfolk handles everything that a client needs, from press releases to generating buzz around events.

 Best Beauty PR Agency Logo: PR Girl Inc
#7 of 10 Leading Beauty Public Relations Companies

PR Girl Inc

New York, New York

#7 of 10 Best Beauty PR Businesses of 2017 - Few industries move as quickly as the fashion industry. Individual designers, small fashion houses and the big labels know that they have to get their information out to the right audience in order to capture the attention of the consumers who are most likely to be interested in their products. In order to get their information out there as quickly as possible, fashion businesses work with the professionals at PR Girl Inc. The staff of PR Girl Inc offers a full spectrum of services, including digital press releases, reputation management and consumer interactions and marketing through various social media platforms.

 Leading Beauty Public Relations Firm Logo: Starworks Group
#8 of 10 Top Beauty Public Relations Companies

Starworks Group

Los Angeles, California

#8 of 10 Best Beauty Public Relations Agencies of 2017 - Every designer in the fashion industry knows that it is important to be noticed in a positive way by the public. Small and big fashion houses as well as other entrepreneurs and companies in the fashion industry also need professional public relations services. The staff of Starworks Group is recognized as one of the ten best public relations firms working on behalf of clients that are in the fashion industry. They know how to propel a new business to the top of its market niche and how to keep a popular business seen positively in the eyes of the public.

 Leading Beauty PR Company Logo: AMP3
#9 of 10 Leading Beauty PR Businesses


New York City, New York

#9 of 10 Best Beauty Public Relations Businesses of 2017 - One of the top unique fashion PR firms in the business today is AMP3 PR. Located in New York City, AMP3 PR focuses on helping emerging companies grow their fashion brands into instantly recognizable products. From traditional PR and media network to curating more online presence, AMP3 does it all. Through an individual-based approach and a dedication to quality, AMP3 helps each and every client create compelling stories and push those stories to important connections who are interested in what that client has to offer.

 Leading Beauty Public Relations Agency Logo: Seventh House
#10 of 10 Best Beauty Public Relations Agencies

Seventh House

New York, New York

#10 of 10 Leading Beauty PR Businesses of 2017 - A public relations (PR) and communications firm, Seventh House works to score the best press opportunities for clients. Also, companies go to Seventh House if they want to create or redesign their websites, form marketing collaborations and partnerships, plan and execute launches of their products or services, get together press kits, or acquire assistance in managing their social media presence. Seventh House’s clientele has included Jimmy Choo, Buick, AT&T, Target, JCPenney, Red Bull, Erickson Beamon, Erin Fetherson, Charlotte Ronson, Con Ilio, UBM Advanstar, and Orla Kiely. Headquartered in New York City, Seventh House also has an office in Los Angeles.

Special Recognitions

 Top Beauty PR Company Logo: B Public Relations
#11 Best Beauty PR Firm

B Public Relations

London, UK

B Public Relations is a full-service public relations (PR) and communications firm that was founded in 2004. The company splits its services into several areas of expertise, which include PR, branding, social media promotion, VIP celebrity placement, press events, store and product launches, and crisis management. B Public Relations works with clients from the fashion, beauty, parenting, health & well-being, hospitality, and lifestyle industries. Such clients include The Pretty Dress Company, Bean Body, Pringle of Scotland, KMS California, Dr. Lipp, Neon Rose, Born Free, and Forever Unique. Headquartered in London, B Public Relations has offices in Los Angeles and New York.

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