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If your company wants to tell the public about a new product or special event, a press release can help get the word out. Journalists often review these statements when they search for news to report. Press releases also prove useful for publicizing building expansions, changes in leadership and technological advances. However, they can only benefit your organization if you know how to distribute them properly. They must also feature the appropriate formatting and writing style. If you need assistance, look for a top press release service. The following list describes some of the most reliable and well-respected companies. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Leading Press Release Service Logo: PR Web
#1 of 10 Top Press Release Services

PR Web

Washington D.C.,

#1 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2017 - PR Web has become the best press release firm, ensuring that there is a solid distribution of press releases to news forums around the globe. The firm offers help with writing and distributing the press releases to ensure that businesses of all sizes can share information as it pertains to their business. All industries are supported by the services provided by PR Web. Additionally, countless businesses have benefited from the press release firm because of getting their news in front of more consumers.

 Top Press Release Service Logo: PR Newswire
#2 of 10 Best Press Release Services

PR Newswire

New York, New York

#2 of 10 Best Press Release Services of 2017 - Best press release firm, PR Newswire, offers customers the largest distribution network to help them communicate their message to as many people as possible. Press releases go out to 4,500 websites in the United States and almost 3,000 newsrooms, plus PR Newswire has 55,000 Twitter followers and almost 50 industry-specific handles. Customers who are targeting a global audience can reach 170 countries using the press release firm. PR Newswire also offers tools for customers to analyze their reach.

 Top Press Release Service Logo: Business Wire
#3 of 10 Leading Press Release Services

Business Wire

San Francisco, California

#3 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2017 - Business Wire, a press release firm, specializes in distributing market-moving news to investment professionals, news organizations and journalists. Press release customers can distribute their information to industry opinion leaders, Google News and newsrooms, including Thomson Reuters, while selecting from 192 industries and target audiences worldwide. Social sharing links and a linked company logo display are included free of charge for press release customers, as are numerous videos, white papers and articles that explain how to draft a compelling message.

 Best Press Release Service Logo: Market Wired
#4 of 10 Best Press Release Services

Market Wired

Toronto, Canada

#4 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2017 - Founded in 1983, Marketwired provides news distribution services to communications professionals. With its products, customers can post news to their traditional and social media channels simultaneously, and the company provides news release reporting and analytics essential for customers’ success. Marketwired’s products include Marketwired Influencers for finding the right people to build relationships within a chosen industry, Marketwired Resonate for streamlining communication, and IR/PR Newsroom for reaching key audiences effectively and easily with a discoverable and sharable online newsroom. Headquartered in Toronto, Marketwired also has a United States headquarters (in El Segundo, California). In February 2016, Marketwired was acquired by Nasdaq.

 Leading Press Release Service Logo: eReleases
#5 of 10 Best Press Release Services


Baltimore, Maryland

#5 of 10 Best Press Release Services of 2017 - The writing of a press release has to be germane to a topic and succinct. That's because the information within is almost always sent to those with little time to absorb the message, which can mean an extended release gets tossed aside. With eReleases, that's never the case and with the communication setup the company has in place, the messages are sent to the most pertinent parties. In the 21st Century, cutting through chatter is vital and through the combination of e-mail and other forms of information delivery helps make finding out about something almost instantaneous for those affected individuals.

 Leading Press Release Service Logo: PR.com
#6 of 10 Top Press Release Services


Melville, New York

#6 of 10 Leading Press Release Services of 2017 - In the age of instantaneous and constant information, press releases continue to be a key method of distributing information. Rather than the old way of typing up and faxing or snail mailing a hard copy of a press release, modern firms such as PR.com are able to swiftly disseminate information on behalf of their clients with digital press releases. PR.com is staffed by communications experts who are able to efficiently put together a press release that is succinct, precise and accurate. As a ten best press release firm, PR.com is recognized for its ability to send out information any time.

 Top Press Release Service Logo: Release Wire
#7 of 10 Best Press Release Services

Release Wire

Green Bay, Wisconsin

#7 of 10 Leading Press Release Services of 2017 - Organizing a proper press release is the perfect way to announce new product releases and other exciting developments about your company. This is why many people decide to use the services provided by Release Wire. Release Wire is a public relations firm that specializes in business sectors like healthcare, consumer goods, technology, e-commerce, and non-profits. One important thing worth mentioning is that Release Wire is a full-service agency. This means that they can help with a variety of tasks ranging from crisis planning to product launch planning. They can also assist with things like content creation and social media management.

 Leading Press Release Service Logo: PR Fire
#8 of 10 Best Press Release Services

PR Fire

Bristol, UK

#8 of 10 Leading Press Release Services of 2017 - Best press release firm, PR Fire, makes it easy for customers to find the idea audience for their news. After uploading their press release and related materials, customers choose the industries that they would like to target and then they select any additional services that they desire. Add-on services include professional editing, images from PR Fire's archive or distribution to Press Association and other national news wires. In two weeks, PR Fire issues their customers a report to judge the reach of their submission.

 Leading Press Release Service Logo: Easy-Press Release
#9 of 10 Best Press Release Services

Easy-Press Release

Brighton, Colorado

#9 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2017 - As a public relations (PR) service, Easy Press Release acts as a platform for distributing press releases. Clients from over 20 industries -- from automotive, medical, law, technology, and transportation to entertainment, non-profit, and sports -- use this service. They include Alice Bridal, BroadNet, The Next Idea, NASSCOM, OM Software Internet Solutions Private Limited, and Pacific Bedrock. Easy Press Release sends the articles to platforms like Yahoo News and Google News for publishing and eventual discovery by intended audiences. Founded in 2009 by current owner Alex Smith, Easy Press Release is based in Brighton, Colorado, and it is a division of the Easy Media Network.

 Best Press Release Service Logo: PR Underground
#10 of 10 Top Press Release Services

PR Underground

New York, New York

#10 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2017 - PR Underground is a press release firm that gives their customers an SEO boost. When customers sent in their press release, it appears on Google News minutes after distribution. Additionally, customers have their message distributed to more than 150 news sites and summaries sent to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. With PR Underground's premium plan, press releases are distributed to Yahoo Finance and regional online TV news websites. Typical clients include public relations and SEO companies, as well as startups and event marketers.

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