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Choose a top press release service when you want your business to inform consumers about innovative products, services and promotional events. When you contract with a top press release firm, you are able to let people know about your business promotions. Whether you plan to hire a new CEO or expand your current building, a press release firm helps you convey the information to the general public. Select a press release company from the following list if you need to publish excellent press releases following ideal formats and exhibiting exquisite writing skills. Let newsrooms know about your company's activities. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Top Press Release Service Logo: PR Web
#1 of 10 Top Press Release Services

PR Web

Washington D.C.,

#1 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2018 - PR Web is one of the best resources for you to get your press releases to the right outlets. If you are introducing a new product or service to your customer base or you're announcing that a company leader will be stepping down or introduced to the company, a press release is a great way to do this. PR Web has the distribution services necessary to help you maintain a professional reputation, and you can contact the company for additional promotional resources as well. For additional information, visit http://www.prweb.com/.

Best Press Release Service Logo: PR Newswire
#2 of 10 Best Press Release Services

PR Newswire

New York, New York

#2 of 10 Best Press Release Services of 2018 - PR Newswire is one of the best places to submit a press release when you want potential and established clients to know about the new and exciting things that are going on in your company. Whether you want to announce the launch of a new product or your'e introducing a new company CEO, PR Newswire will help you get the information to the right people. PR Newswire also offers analytics and monitoring services so you can see just how effective your press releases are. For more information, visit http://www.prnewswire.com/.

Top Press Release Service Logo: Business Wire
#3 of 10 Top Press Release Services

Business Wire

San Francisco, California

#3 of 10 Best Press Release Services of 2018 - Business Wire excels when it comes to developing the best press releases around today. This top-notch PR firm has worked with many different clients throughout the years. Their experience helps them put their clients in prime position to get more publicity from their targeted audience. Business Wire is considered to be the best PR Firm in the industry today. With that being said, it's easy to see why many companies are lining up to get their services. Business Wire is only interested in offering high quality services to their clients. This is the reason why they have received many awards.

Top Press Release Service Logo: Market Wired
#4 of 10 Top Press Release Services

Market Wired

Toronto, Canada

#4 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2018 - When businesses have something to announce, they need press releases that are so hot that they're on fire. These press releases need to be cutting-edge announcements that no reader can refuse. Marketwired can create such press releases, but that's just one of their specialties. This company also does public relations tasks and investor relations duties. They can distribute the information that causes a company's sales to skyrocket. Their platform is perfect for small businesses and startups. Interested parties can call 800-774-9473 to find out some additional information. The company has seven global offices and will be expanding even more in the future.

Top Press Release Service Logo: eReleases
#5 of 10 Best Press Release Services


Baltimore, Maryland

#5 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2018 - Press release firm, eReleases, offers affordable press release writing and distribution services. Every plan that the company offers includes Associated Press News Network distribution and eReleases' own custom PR Newswire distribution service. Founded in 2003, the press release firm started out as a way for small businesses to reach major news outlets, such as The New York Times; AP distribution was often priced out of their reach. While brands from startups to Fortune 100 companies use eReleases now, the firm remains true to its mission of allowing small businesses access to the newswire at a reasonable price.

Best Press Release Service Logo: PR.com
#6 of 10 Top Press Release Services


Melville, New York

#6 of 10 Best Press Release Services of 2018 - You do not want to balance the market with your competition - you want to dominate it! In order to do this, you need the market to know when you move. Press releases are the best way to do this. When you create waves in the market, people need to know exactly what you have done. Your target market and your competition will wait on your next move once they know that you are the one to follow. Get in touch with the press release experts at PR.com (http://www.pr.com) when you are ready to create and distribute the best PR on the market.

Best Press Release Service Logo: Release Wire
#7 of 10 Top Press Release Services

Release Wire

Green Bay, Wisconsin

#7 of 10 Best Press Release Services of 2018 - Release Wire is a press release agency that helps companies build their brands through press release distribution services. The company distributes press releases to over 350 media outlets including the Associated Press and other major media newsrooms. The company also offers a publisher tool that allows users to publish their press releases on their mobile apps or websites. Clients can access Release Wire's MediaWire platform that provides multimedia tools for videos, photos, logos or audio. Small and mid-sized companies can choose to use ReleaseWire's SBWire platform, which offers distribution of press releases at an affordable price.

Top Press Release Service Logo: PR Fire
#8 of 10 Best Press Release Services

PR Fire

Bristol, UK

#8 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2018 - PR Fire offers press release distribution that is ideal for smaller businesses. The nasic distribution service includes Yahoo News, major search engines, Google News, journalists, bloggers and more. Additionally, press releases appear on PR Fire's social media pages and SWNS.com websites. Add-on services include additional targeted industries, editing and one of the press release firm's professional copyright-owned images. Small business owners can also choose from Facebook, Reddit, StumbleUpon. LinkedIn or Twitter sponsored promotion. If customers submit a press release with a video, PR Fire run the video on YouTube as an advertisement for an additional fee.

Best Press Release Service Logo: Easy-Press Release
#9 of 10 Best Press Release Services

Easy-Press Release

Brighton, Colorado

#9 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2018 - If you're looking for a professional and efficient way to get information about your business to the masses, Easy-Press Release is here to help. The press release firm will get your releases into the hands of the right consumers and influencers to help your business grow. Whether you want to announce a new leader for your company or have a product or service that you want customers to know about, Easy-Press will distribute your information effectively. Find out more at http://www.easy-pressrelease.com/.

Top Press Release Service Logo: PR Underground
#10 of 10 Best Press Release Services

PR Underground

New York, New York

#10 of 10 Best Press Release Services of 2018 - Best press release firm, PR Underground, offers distribution services at four price points. All of their packages include distribution to Google News and other major news website, plus distribution to DigitalJournal.com. The premium package includes PR Newswire distribution and publication on Yahoo Finance. PR Underground's customers can create a newsroom on the site that includes their contact information, press releases and social media channels. The newsroom automatically updates with each press release published. The press release firm does not write press releases, however, they do offer tips for creating a great press release.

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