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10 Best PR is a rapidly growing awards organization for the public relations industry. We are committed to helping you connect with great PR firms from around the world. Each firm below strives to give you the best possible service, working with 10BD to reach out to you! The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Best PR Business Logo: Mannfolk
#1 of 10 Top PR Firms


Los Angeles, California

#1 of 10 Best PR Companies of 2018 - Public Relations is an extremely important aspect in determining how consumers and citizens perceive individuals or larger corporations. The job of Public Relations employees is to develop and maintain a strong communication process between corporations or individuals and the public, to benefit both sides. An up and coming business that is providing these services is Mannfolk PR. Based in Los Angeles, California, Mannfolk provides its customers with successful solutions to all of their Public Relations needs. This PR supplier takes pride in fulfilling the specific needs of each client, while providing positive branding to help their clients stand out.

Best PR Business Logo: Exponent
#2 of 10 Top PR Firms


Minneapolis, Minnesota

#2 of 10 Best PR Companies of 2018 - Exponent is a public relations company that focuses on belief. Belief is the foundation of everything the company accomplishes for their clients. By building belief through purpose and innovation, Exponent has been able to help many brands have success in extraordinary ways. Exponent has knowledge and experience in several different areas. Some of these areas include public relations, analytics, media relations, social media management, digital marketing, and employee communications. Some of the notable companies Exponent has worked with in the past include Edwards, Florida's Natural, General Mills, and Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation.

Top PR Company Logo: Big Picture PR
#3 of 10 Best PR Agencies

Big Picture PR

New York City, New York

#3 of 10 Best PR Agencies of 2018 - Big Picture PR is a digital public relations firm with three offices in the U.S. The clients primarily consist of fashion, fitness, beauty, lifestyle and parenting clients. Big Picture's capabilities include media relations, social media and event management, blogger engagement, celebrity endorsements and more. The PR firm uses storytelling to connect brands with consumers. As a hybrid agency, Big Picture PR uses traditional print media and relevant digital media. Clients have been featured in print media such as In Style and digital media, such as Vogue. The PR firm also offers video production and photo shoots, along with other material development.

Best PR Agency Logo: Be Social PR
#4 of 10 Top PR Firms

Be Social PR

San Diego, California

#4 of 10 Best PR Firms of 2018 - Be Social PR is a Los Angeles public relations company that works with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. They cultivate relationships with influencers, fashion bloggers and magazine editors to secure clients features and product placements. Be Social manages client's social media and offers photography and videography services as well. The PR company also represents digital influencers and excels at event management and marketing with a fresh perspective. They also can develop experimental strategies for brands.

Best PR Company Logo: Veritas
#5 of 10 Best PR Agencies


Toronto, Ontario

#5 of 10 Top PR Agencies of 2018 - Veritas is a multi-award-winning PR agency, specializing in bespoke influencer marketing strategies. As one of the top PR firms in the U.S. and Canada, Veritas build brands and helps clients avoid disasters. With a social media news and war room, the agency stays on top of trending topics looking for opportunities to execute relevant campaigns that deliver the right message at the right time. Using both traditional and digital strategies, Veritas employs creative techniques to solve any challenge a client may face.

Best PR Firm Logo: Boostability
#6 of 10 Top PR Firms


2600 W Executive Parkway, #200, Lehi, UT 84043

#6 of 10 Best PR Businesses of 2018 - Boostability is a public relations company based out of the Silicone Slopes of Utah, where they have three offices. They also maintain satellite locations in Amsterdam and Berlin, with a physical presence in Montreal, Melbourne and Sydney. The agency serves clients globally. They've grown to offer a host of online services and offer potential clients a free consultation. Services are available in the areas of SEO, mobile web design, social media, link building, local search marketing and website content. Boostability places emphasis on customizing services to the specific type of client based on size, industry and desired results.

Best PR Agency Logo: AMW Group
#7 of 10 Best PR Businesses

AMW Group

Los Angeles, California

#7 of 10 Top PR Agencies of 2018 - The AMW Group is a premier public relations agency that has earned multiple awards for creating memorable PR campaigns. With 20 years’ experience under its belt, the firm knows how to combine marketing strategies that address clients' concerns. Once AMW identifies the areas that require improvement, it tailors a campaign to solve the issues and expand the brand. The marketing mix includes social media consulting, celebrity endorsements, and event management. AMW diverse list of clients includes Grammy Award-winning artists, Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.

Top PR Firm Logo: Effective Immediately
#8 of 10 Top PR Agencies

Effective Immediately

Los Angeles, California

#8 of 10 Best PR Firms of 2018 - Effective Immediately PR, a public relations company, specializes in publicizing emerging music artists with single, album and video publicity campaigns. Emerging artists can take advantage of the PR company's artist development, coaching and branding services. Effective Immediately also offers tour publicity and social media marketing services. Offering affordable, flexible services, the New York City and Los Angeles PR company encourages new artists to submit their music for consideration. Effective Immediately's capabilities include creating buzz and shaping public perception of bands.

Best PR Business Logo: 3 Monkeys Communications

#9 of 10 Top PR Companies of 2018 - 3 Monkeys Communications is a public-relations company based out of London. The group recently merged with Zeno, an international PR firm. It currently acts as their largest office in the UK and a hub for all of their Europe-based clients. They provide traditional and online marketing. The motto for 3 Monkeys is to deliver campaigns that make people think, feel and do. They work to get your brand recognition to the highest level. They also form strategies to tell your brand story and message to potential customers. They specialize in serving clients in the healthcare, corporate, consumer and technology sectors.

Best PR Business Logo: Kwittken
#10 of 10 Top PR Businesses


New York, New York

#10 of 10 Top PR Businesses of 2018 - Kwittken, also known as KWT Global, is a public relations and communications company based out of New York City, New York. It was founded in 2005 when a group of writers, designers, media specialists, strategists, marketers and public relations professionals decided to come together on behalf of their clients to do something great. They have won numerous awards and accolades, including, but not limited to, the following: the 2018 Big Apple Awards for IRONMAN, the 2018 CPRS ACE GOLD Award for ACE Bakery, and the 2017 winner of the Cannes Bronze LION for PANTONE Studio. Some of their clients include Sprint, Sharp, CGI, Zicam, IRONMAN, and Target, among many others. You can check out more about Kwittken on their website.

Special Recognitions

Best PR Agency Logo: Podesta Group
#11 Top PR Agency

Podesta Group

Washingto, DC

The Podesta Agency is one of the largest and most successful media relation agencies in the U.S. Owner Tony Podesta, has rubbed elbows with some of the biggest players in Washington D.C. As a leading lobbyist, Podesta has used his knowledge to deliver client-based results. Podesta has received praise from such publications as Newsweek, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek. His expertise as a Democratic political strategist has also provided him with the tools to help businesses of all sizes succeed. Clients say "If you want to get something done in Washington, call on Tony."

Best Public Relations Business Logo: Octopus
#12 Best Public Relations Company


London, UK

The Octopus Group is an industry leader in digital marketing, offering an extensive menu of services for all business types. Their staff are experts in their field and provide everything from branding services, content writing, social media campaigns, and demand generation. The Octopus Group will take your project from start to finish, giving quality ideation and support to drive sales. The company takes pride in working with clients to bring life to their products, and attract the attention of new customers while keeping existing ones.

Best PR Business Logo: Horn Group
#13 Top PR Firm

Horn Group

San Francisco, California

The Horn Group is a public relations company situated in the digital media and marketing industry. The Horn Group is known for its specialty is using technology to create new ideas for marketing in hopes of giving customers the attention they want. Public relations can be a difficult field but the agency has many different designers, developers, creators and campaign managers who have years of experience and know-how that can help clients increase their business. Campaign marketing is one of the main services offered here, because it's important to get to know the audience and get them invested in business.

Best Public Relations Company Logo: Gregory FCA
#14 Best Public Relations Firm

Gregory FCA

Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Gregory FCA, a public relations company in Philadelphia, specializes in financial and investor relations and crisis management, although, they work with clients in other sectors. Gregory FCA positions their clients as industry leaders, which is ideal for their clients in the real estate, industrial, health and tech industries. The PR company's contacts make it easy for them to get their client's message across in earned media channels. Gregory FCA's latest tool, Here & Now Video offers clients the opportunity for clients to produce live video in the PR company's studio.

Top PR Business Logo: Mischief PR
#15 Top PR Firm

Mischief PR

London, UK

Mischief PR has been known to do great work for their clients since day one. They work with whatever issues any particular company may be facing at the time to try to come up with the best possible solutions for them. Mischief PR knows that the biggest challenge that some companies face has to do with keeping their public image solid as they go through their day to day business. This firm makes that happen and has been able to promote many businesses in its day. You can fully trust in the work that they do and the results that they end up with.

Top Public Relations Company Logo: Magna Carta PR
#16 Top Public Relations Agency

Magna Carta PR

Johannesburg, South Africa

Magna Carta PR is the best public relations company. Based in South Africa, the company understands the importance of PR and how to impact the reputation of a business. The PR team uses a variety of methods to help, including social media, press releases, and more. Further, they know when it can be beneficial to hold launch parties and partake in community events. Everyone can benefit from PR, and Magna Carta PR can help every step of the way.

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