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10 Best PR is a rapidly growing awards organization for the public relations industry. We are committed to helping you connect with great PR firms from around the world. Each firm below strives to give you the best possible service, working with 10BD to reach out to you! The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Top PR Business Logo: Mannfolk
#1 of 10 Top PR Businesses


Los Angeles, California

#1 of 10 Best PR Businesses of 2019 - Mannfolk, also known as Mannfolk Public Relations, is one of the leading influencers of public opinion related to corporate entities and non-profit organizations in the United States, maintaining offices in New York City and Los Angeles, California, the two single largest business markets in the United States. Mannfolk is led by an expert in the field of modern public relations who has nearly two decades of experience in the field, who focuses on the business sectors of beauty, wellness, fashion, interior design, consumer technology, luxury goods, and hopitality. Mannfolk is the best public relations company for businesses who compete in these sectors of commerce.

Top PR Firm Logo: Big Picture PR
#2 of 10 Best PR Companies

Big Picture PR

New York City, New York

#2 of 10 Best PR Companies of 2019 - Big Picture PR is one of the leaders in the United States' space of public relations, with offices in San Francisco, California, Los Angeles, California, and New York City, New York, where the bulk of Big Picture PR's clients are located. Big Picture PR works primarily with businesses and organizations in the fields of consumer technology, parrenting, health and wellness, fitness, fashion, and lifestyle-related e-commerce. Big Picture PR regularly surveys newspapers, social media platforms, the World Wide Web, and anywhere else where opinions about your business can be measured to make sure that its work for your business is on target.

Top PR Firm Logo: BPM-PR
#3 of 10 Top PR Firms


211 East 43rd Street, #7th Floor, New York, New York 10017

#3 of 10 Top PR Companies of 2019 - Public relations firms are a sort of jack of all trades. They have to be able to provide live coverage of a special event, start a viral marketing campaign about a new product release that a client is planning and handle issues of reputation for their clients. They also have to generate press releases, marketing emails and social media posts that inspire consumers and the media to connect with their clients. One of the nation's leading firms to handle all of this is BPM-PR. As a top 10 performer in public relations services this month, BPM-PR is known for precision.

Top PR Agency Logo: Be Social PR
#4 of 10 Top PR Businesses

Be Social PR

San Diego, California

#4 of 10 Best PR Firms of 2019 - Be Social PR is an instrumental force in getting brands recognized in 2019. These extraordinary representatives will craft extensive media campaigns with personalized flair and compelling originality. An inventive public persona will work wonders in reaching new consumers and old fans alike. At Be Social PR, the goal is always to discover valuable connections and secret profits lurking under the radar. By building a striking new persona, this outlet will subtly win over the media and public alike. If your company needs help making some new friends in today's highly packed virtual arena, then this is the ideal starting point to get found!

Best PR Agency Logo: Firecracker PR
#5 of 10 Top PR Agencies

Firecracker PR

1800 E Lambert Rd., #106, Brea, California 92821

#5 of 10 Top PR Firms of 2019 - Firecracker PR is a digital marketing company that is in demand for its award-winning public relations campaigns and services. At Firecracker PR, the team is not only capable of superior public relations solutions, they are also known for exceptional content marketing, search engine optimization marketing, and more. The firm has created a process known as Ignite, which includes promotion, thought leadership, source filing, news marketing, and content marketing. The firm has been featured in many publications, such as Business Insider and Entrepreneur.com. Firecracker PR has helped companies of all sizes, which include startups to Fortune 100 companies, and the team at the company are driven to help each client succeed.

Best PR Business Logo: Veritas
#6 of 10 Best PR Companies


Toronto, Ontario

#6 of 10 Best PR Businesses of 2019 - Public relations companies offer essential and timely services so that their clients can reach out to consumers and media and maintain a great reputation at all times. A firm that particularly excels at these activities is Veritas. The associates of Veritas offer in-depth marketing services that make use of SEO. One example of this is the press releases that Veritas writes and distributes for its clients. Their press releases are posted online, which results in a reputation improvement and a lot more visibility. Veritas can also handle urgent matters, social media marketing and content management and much more for clients.

Best PR Company Logo: Boostability
#7 of 10 Top PR Agencies


2600 W Executive Parkway, #200, Lehi, UT 84043

#7 of 10 Best PR Firms of 2019 - Boostability offers a wide range of services to companies, and public relations is a key part of what they do. The PR services provided by Boostability can make a difference in a client's ability to connect with the media and the public. For example, Boostability can write and send out press releases. Their digital press releases can be posted online, and they use search engine optimization (SEO) so that the page gets a top rank and is easily found by a person who is searching for the company or news about the company. Boostability helps all companies thrive and grow.

Best PR Company Logo: AMW Group
#8 of 10 Best PR Businesses

AMW Group

Los Angeles, California

#8 of 10 Best PR Firms of 2019 - The AMW Group is a marketing and entertainment services company that also offers event management, public relations and music promotion. The company helps its clients build publicity and public relations campaigns along with branding and event management. AMW Groups other marketing services include Spotify playlist promotion, social media marketing, Instagram growth and photo shoots. The company has over 180,000 media contacts in the United States including editors, programming managers, journalists and bloggers. Contacts also include many major media publications.

Best PR Business Logo: Effective Immediately
#9 of 10 Best PR Firms

Effective Immediately

Los Angeles, California

#9 of 10 Best PR Firms of 2019 - Effective Immediately PR is a promotion and digital marketing agency that focuses on new musicians, lifestyle and fashion influencers. The company offers services that are affordable and customized to meet the needs of each of its clients. They provide guidance for tour press releases, music and video publicity, consulting, social media marketing, coaching and branding. Effective Immediately PR seeks to work with each artist’s vision to reach larger audiences. The company has offices in the heart of Los Angeles and New York complete with knowledgeable staff members who are involved in the music scene.

Top PR Business Logo: Exponent
#10 of 10 Best PR Firms


Minneapolis, Minnesota

#10 of 10 Top PR Businesses of 2019 - Choosing the right public relations company entails finding a team of professionals that is responsive, efficient and adept at technology. It also ensures finding associates who are the right fit. One of the 10 best options for a public relations company in the USA is Exponent. The associates at Exponent can represent their clients in all types of situations. Whether the client want a digital press release, live vlog coverage or reputation control. Exponent can do it. The associates at Exponent also handle social media management and search engine marketing. A unique feature is the use of SEO in ads.

Special Recognitions

Best PR Firm Logo: 3 Monkeys Communications

Finding a public relations company that is responsive and can handle a full spectrum of needs is not easy. One of this month's leaders in PR services that help companies reach their marketing goals is 3 Monkeys Communications. The outreach services provided by 3 Monkeys Communications are excellent. The firm's staff is well-connected, which makes it easy for them to distribute a digital press release or get influencers at a special event held by the client. 3 Monkeys Communications also excels at controlling a client's reputation and making sure that the first things ound about their clients are good things.

Best Public Relations Company Logo: Kwittken
#12 Best Public Relations Business


New York, New York

Kwittken is a public relations company now known as KWT Global. Their capabilities include media relations, where they secure clients press in top-tier media and arrange paid influencer engagement. Kwittken creates content, including compelling brand narratives, to engage consumers and show their client's best self to the world. With offices in New York City, London and Toronto, the PR agency can create global PR campaigns which present the right message to the audience their client wants to reach.

Top PR Firm Logo: Podesta Group
#13 Top PR Business

Podesta Group

Washingto, DC

Podesta Group is one of the best public relations company in the U.S. Podesta Group was founded in 1988 by two brothers. The company is based out of Washington, DC. When the company was first founded, the Podesta brothers worked in a modest office. After being open for more than two decades, Podesta Group is now one of the largest public relation businesses in the world. Podesta Group specializes in protecting the reputations of the clients. The company also specializes in social media development, social media marketing, and branding. Podesta Group is a great public relations company to work with.

Top Public Relations Agency Logo: Octopus
#14 Top Public Relations Firm


London, UK

There is no brand in existence that wouldn't benefit from the phenomenal communication powers of Octopus. These media masterminds are making a name for their clients in the world of public relations. By emphasizing thorough messaging schemes, this enterprise seamlessly creates personable connections with onlookers around the globe. International outreach is enhanced by universally compelling themes and concepts. While Octopus casts a wide net with their original plan, they also know how to pursue highly tuned specifications for their advertising arrangements. The modern media might be puzzling for up-and-coming organizations, but Octopus can swiftly turn the public tides in their favor.

Best PR Company Logo: Horn Group
#15 Top PR Firm

Horn Group

San Francisco, California

Public relations services get a company or an individual noticed. The goal is to bring positive visibility, enhance name recognition and create a solid reputation for the client. The associates at Horn Group are able to accomplish all of this. Whether a client regularly releases new products or hosts special events, Horn Group can handle the press releases, media buzz and viral marketing surrounding it. If the client wants live coverage of the event in the form of a vlog or social media stream, Horn Group can also do that. Horn Group provides ongoing value and support to its clients.

Best Public Relations Business Logo: Gregory FCA
#16 Top Public Relations Firm

Gregory FCA

Ardmore, Pennsylvania

People tend to share general thoughts toward organizations, governments, businesses, and individuals based on what they hear in the news, read about them on social media, and after consuming other opinions or facts online or in print media. Public relations deals with the management of the public's opinions regarding people, agencies, organizations, and businesses. Gregory FCA is one of the best domestic public relations companies despite being just the 46th-largest public relations firm in the United States. Staffing more than 70 people, Gregory FCA is full of bright-minded experts in publi relations who all help clients get better results from the firm's services.

Best PR Agency Logo: Mischief PR
#17 Top PR Company

Mischief PR

London, UK

Mischief PR is a dependable ally in the media world, and they adeptly handle major communication campaigns with ease. This rambunctious organization is known as London’s top source for positive press. Their benefits are particularly noticeable for brands trying to set a savvy tone within the tech industry, but Mischief PR’s formidable assets know no boundaries. There is no field that can trump these wizards of public relations. In just five years, these branding experts have soared to the top of today’s PR world. With inventive marketing strategies and futuristic outreach mechanisms, they have made serious waves in the entertainment realm!

Best Public Relations Business Logo: Magna Carta PR
#18 Top Public Relations Company

Magna Carta PR

Johannesburg, South Africa

Magna Carta PR is synonymous with positive press in South Africa. This legendary organization has rapidly risen to international popularity, and they proudly represent the continent as a sum of its parts. With a hefty physical presence in Johannesburg and Cape Town, this operation possesses invaluable connections to spur a glorious ascent towards fame and recognition. Their press releases are simply unrivaled, and their spokesperson services are truly a godsend. Brand journalism is another vital forte at Magna Carta PR, and the brilliant coverage is often accompanied by paid content collaborations, masterful script-writing, gorgeous multimedia inclusions and extensive social media integration.

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