10 Best Health PR Firms June 2016

10 Best PR recognizes the Leading Health PR Business each month. The top Health PR companies are given awards for excellence in their industry. Without a doubt, each PR company on this list can provide value to medical practices and related companies. This includes private practices, hospitals, clinics, and others. Health PR aims to help each client penetrate into a given market. Most practices find it difficult to manage their own public relations. By letting a specialized PR firm handle everything, clients can achieve a positive reputation in the community. A variety of other benefits are available to clients as well. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best Health PR Business Logo: Ogilvy PR Health
#1 of 10 Best Health Public Relations Firms

Ogilvy PR Health

St Leonards, Australia

#1 of 10 Top Health Public Relations Businesses of 2016 - Ogilvy PR Health provides public relations services to healthcare companies. As part of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, the company combines specialized knowledge with international name recognition and reach. In addition to traditional public relations and social media, Ogilvy PR Health also provides four training modules that can be customized for clients' needs. Located in St Leonards, NSW, Ogilvy PR Health is a leader in healthcare communications in Australia. The company has experience with health issues including oncology, asthma, and multiple sclerosis.

 Leading Health Public Relations Business Logo: Cardinal Health
#2 of 10 Leading Health PR Businesses

Cardinal Health

Dublin, Ohio

#2 of 10 Top Health Public Relations Agencies of 2016 - Cardinal Health helps manage the reputation of medical professionals and firms so that they can concentrate on their patients instead of promoting a safe image. Their experts take some of the stress off from the medical entity by creating a web profile that sells the doctor's best features. They monitor online media posts and create blog content that engages the customer in a meaningful conversation. Cardinal Health works to promote their client so that people can build a solid foundation of honesty and understanding. This type of connection is what helps medical firms grow in their community for generations of care.

 Best Health PR Business Logo: Global Health PR
#3 of 10 Best Health Public Relations Businesses

Global Health PR

New York, New York

#3 of 10 Top Health Public Relations Firms of 2016 - Medical and health firms rely on companies like Global Health PR to help them build an image in their local community. They take the time to learn about the objectives the client has set forth for their business and concentrate on ways to help them grow that vision. Global Health PR has experts that monitor social media for comments, questions, or issues that might pose a problem for the image of the company. They react to social media posts and blog comments to keep the lines of communication open and honest. Their staff also creates web content that gets people talking.

 Best Health PR Agency Logo: Wilson Hartnell
#4 of 10 Leading Health Public Relations Agencies

Wilson Hartnell

Dublin, Ireland

#4 of 10 Top Health PR Agencies of 2016 - Wilson Hartnell is an established, award-winning health PR firm in Ireland that represents some of the world's top brands and businesses. They have carefully created a team who has expert public relations skills and extensive knowledge in all areas of the Irish economy. Some of the services they offer their clients include reputation management, crisis communications, digital and social media and business to business communications. Their team uses their expertise to help their clients meet their goals and fulfill their expectations.

 Best Health PR Business Logo: Munro & Forster
#5 of 10 Best Health PR Agencies

Munro & Forster

London, United Kingdom

#5 of 10 Top Health PR Companies of 2016 - Munro & Forster is a leading public relations firm in London that specializes in the health industry. The company offers services in strategic communications, partnership marketing, content creation, crisis management, and event publicity. They work with public, private, and third sector organizations. Their goal is to help their clients create a lasting impact on consumers through their marketing campaigns. They use unique strategies for every new project based on the client's background, audience, and goals.

 Top Health Public Relations Firm Logo: JPA PR
#6 of 10 Best Health PR Firms


Washington, DC

#6 of 10 Best Health Public Relations Agencies of 2016 - JPA PR furnishes pharmaceutical, non-profit, government and biotech organizations with public relations services. The health PR firm has teams of health communication experts in Washington, DC, Boston and London, who design and implement global health campaigns, including social media campaigns. JPA PR understands the challenges involved with patient communities and industries overseas; they have experience producing videos and multilingual websites to build awareness of their client's brand. Other services include blogger outreach, content creation and mobile app development.

 Best Health PR Agency Logo: Bliss Integrated Communication
#7 of 10 Best Health PR Firms

Bliss Integrated Communication

New York, New York

#7 of 10 Top Health PR Agencies of 2016 - When a brand in healthcare needs PR help, it should think of the relationship with its PR provider as a partnership. Bliss Integrated Communication has created strategic partnerships with many brands in the healthcare world. It has helped all of them with their public images and their messaging, both externally and internally. Well-established HC brands have chosen Bliss Integrated Communication, and more will do so. To decide if your healthcare brand should talk to Bliss Integrated Communication about a partnership, have a look upon their website.

 Leading Health PR Business Logo: inVentiv Health
#8 of 10 Top Health PR Agencies

inVentiv Health

New York, New York

#8 of 10 Best Health Public Relations Companies of 2016 - InVentiv Health PR Group is a healthcare communications company that is heavily involved in product launches and brand management. Formerly known as Chandler Chicco Companies, Inventiv is focused on driving value, improving brand perception, and delivering profit growth for clients. To meet these goals, the company uses traditional PR strategies, in addition to digital marketing. InVentiv maintains an active presence on Twitter. It is a global company, with offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and other cities.

 Best Health Public Relations Business Logo: Revive Health
#9 of 10 Top Health Public Relations Firms

Revive Health

Nasvhille, Tennessee

#9 of 10 Leading Health Public Relations Companies of 2016 - As an industry leading health PR firm, Revive Health focuses on clients that provide healthcare services and products. This exclusive scope gives them an edge when working in this market, as they are familiar with the challenges and opportunities it presents. Their services include brand development, creative design and optimization for websites and other online portals. Their team also knows how to pitch stories to the right media outlets to generate positive attention to your organization. Revive Health offers a complete range of digital marketing and web presence solutions to businesses in the health sector.

 Best Health PR Business Logo: Pollock Communications
#10 of 10 Best Health PR Agencies

Pollock Communications

New York, New York

#10 of 10 Best Health Public Relations Firms of 2016 - Pollock Communications knows that it takes much technical skill to keep track of a company image as well as a ton of time to monitor social media posts and comments. They have an entire team that is dedicated to promoting their client and thwarting off bad press. Pollock Communications is experienced with working with large and small companies. The various knowledge allows the company to help health and medical firms build a brand that people can rely on to maintain their health. Pollock Communications helps doctors translate their offerings to people in a way that they understand and want to read.

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