10 Best Health PR Firms October 2016

10 Best PR recognizes the Leading Health PR Business each month. The top Health PR companies are given awards for excellence in their industry. Without a doubt, each PR company on this list can provide value to medical practices and related companies. This includes private practices, hospitals, clinics, and others. Health PR aims to help each client penetrate into a given market. Most practices find it difficult to manage their own public relations. By letting a specialized PR firm handle everything, clients can achieve a positive reputation in the community. A variety of other benefits are available to clients as well. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best Health Public Relations Business Logo: Ogilvy PR Health
#1 of 10 Top Health Public Relations Agencies

Ogilvy PR Health

St Leonards, Australia

#1 of 10 Leading Health PR Businesses of 2016 - The Ogilvy PR Health (OPRH) fir identifies as an advocate for preventative health, education programs, and the improvement of diagnostic practices in healthcare. The Australia-based, award winning agency is a leading entity in specialist PR and public affairs. The firm's approach centers around establishing a strategic communication flow to develop a comprehensive and accurate picture of client businesses, challenges, and operation patterns. In addition to public relations, the integrated approach that OPRH makes towards communications consists of marketing, advertising, medical education, and digital research. OPRH has conducted a number of projects with several communication partners for the purpose of community service advocacy.

 Best Health Public Relations Company Logo: Cardinal Health
#2 of 10 Best Health Public Relations Businesses

Cardinal Health

Dublin, Ohio

#2 of 10 Leading Health Public Relations Businesses of 2016 - Focusing solely on businesses and companies in the health care industry, Cardinal Health is the leading public relations firm available. With over 100 years of experience working with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and manufacturers, this Dublin, Ohio based company offers health care solutions across the board. Their logistics and business solutions allow your business or office to run more efficiently while providing better patient services. Cardinal Health is trusted in over 70 percent of hospitals nation-wide, and they are an award-winning company, having been recognized for equality in the workplace, community involvement, and for their business practices.

 Leading Health Public Relations Company Logo: Global Health PR
#3 of 10 Best Health PR Companies

Global Health PR

New York, New York

#3 of 10 Top Health PR Companies of 2016 - Focusing solely on companies and businesses in the health care industry, Global Health PR is a leader in the public relations industry. Because they provide full-service public relations, clients turn to them for everything from marketing and website design to product launches, clinical trial recruitment, and crisis management. Global Health PR is a trusted public relations agency whose experience and techniques get the results their clients need and deserve. Of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies, two-thirds work with Global Health PR, and partner with over 200 health, life, and consumer science organizations. Global Health PR spans 42 countries and has reached nearly five billion people through partner agencies worldwide.

 Leading Health PR Agency Logo: Wilson Hartnell
#4 of 10 Leading Health Public Relations Firms

Wilson Hartnell

Dublin, Ireland

#4 of 10 Best Health PR Firms of 2016 - The Wilson Hartnell consultancy of Dublin provides public relations services with a focus on the healthcare industry. The team of experts in medical communications, corporate PR, and media relations helps hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other health verticals to achieve and enhance brand identity and reputation. Wilson Hartnell has helmed major public campaigns for public and third sector organizations as well. The Irish PR firm serves only a few industries in order to maintain its focus and rich expertise. Wilson Hartnell's health PR services cover diverse areas including change management, reputation monitoring, consumer relations, and corporate social responsibility programs.

 Best Health PR Company Logo: Munro & Forster
#5 of 10 Best Health Public Relations Businesses

Munro & Forster

London, United Kingdom

#5 of 10 Leading Health Public Relations Firms of 2016 - Munro & Forster Comunications serves as public relations specialist for the healthcare and education verticals. The firm has helped public, private, and non-profit organizations with social media, strategic communications, partnership building, stakeholder relations, traditional PR campaigns with various media and more. Munro & Forster has won numerous awards for short films, public service campaigns, and education initiatives. The London-based health PR firm is led by Brian Gunson and Julie Flexen and is a member of the Healthcare Communications Association.

 Best Health Public Relations Agency Logo: JPA PR
#6 of 10 Top Health PR Companies


Washington, DC

#6 of 10 Top Health Public Relations Firms of 2016 - As a best health PR firm, JPA PR helps its health care clients to succeed in a highly competitive industry. The team at JPA PR knows how to implement a branding campaign so that their clients can be seen in a positive light. They perform online reputation management to root out erroneous reviews and commentary. The team engages with the media and people of influence in order to make their clients more visible. JPA PR is also able to issue press releases, coordinate special events and issue crisis communications. They manage social media accounts and deliver timely communications for clients.

 Best Health Public Relations Firm Logo: Bliss Integrated Communication
#7 of 10 Leading Health PR Agencies

Bliss Integrated Communication

New York, New York

#7 of 10 Leading Health Public Relations Agencies of 2016 - Bliss Integrated is a communications partner that focuses on both social and digital marketing for healthcare practices. Hospitals, pharmaceutical, biotechnological companies, medical device industries, diagnostic teams, healthcare data businesses, and professional health networks use Bliss Integrated market campaigns to attain and exceed their business goals. Since no two healthcare businesses are alike, Bliss determines the unique needs of each client and comes up with creative ways to meet their needs. Narratives are built from real testimonials to gain the target audience's trust. Both external and internal methods are used to project a certain image to recipients as well.

 Best Health PR Agency Logo: inVentiv Health
#8 of 10 Best Health Public Relations Businesses

inVentiv Health

New York, New York

#8 of 10 Leading Health PR Agencies of 2016 - inVentic health is a public relations group formerly known as Chandler Chico Companies. The public relations goal expressed by the company is to help brands have an easier time managing their reputations in the fields of human health, where credibility is invaluable. The company works to help its clients adopt an "integrated" approach to the manner in which they communicate. Overall, inVentiv is composed of four smaller, specialized agencies that collectively equate to the whole group. The four agencies composing the inVentiv collective group are focused on the following respective areas: digital and social media, medical and scientific education, analytics and measurement, and public relations consultation.

 Leading Health Public Relations Firm Logo: Revive Health
#9 of 10 Best Health Public Relations Firms

Revive Health

Nasvhille, Tennessee

#9 of 10 Leading Health Public Relations Companies of 2016 - The professionals at Revive Health understand the importance of high visibility. The health field is a highly competitive industry, which is why this established PR firm takes the reigns to help manage any health oriented business's reputation. Placing a health oriented business at the forefront of any media marketing will quickly lead to better results. The experts at Revive Health know how to make the right connections to get health oriented businesses noticed. Today's public relations is all about utilizing all available tools to optimize visibility. The professionals at Revive Health make connections both on and off the Internet to maximize a client's media standing.

 Top Health Public Relations Business Logo: Pollock Communications
#10 of 10 Leading Health Public Relations Companies

Pollock Communications

New York, New York

#10 of 10 Top Health PR Firms of 2016 - Pollock Communications is a public relations and communications firm that focuses on helping clients from the health, wellness, and nutrition sectors. Based in New York, the company works with companies to build their brands, reach the right communications channels, refine website content, manage their reputations in their respective sectors, build third-party alliances, and take note of current trends in their industries. Pollock Communications' clientele has included Purdue, President, Bodylogic, Pedigree, Unilever, Gourmet Garden, and the Tea Council of the U.S.A. Inc. Recently, Pollock Communications won a Big Apple Award from the New York Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) for its work on the Friendsgiving social media campaign for the Cranberry Marketing Committee.

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