10 Best Public Relations Companies London June 2017

Making an impact in London can be easier said than done. While there is plenty of opportunity in London, there is also intense competition. This means that it is more important than ever to actively promote your brand. The best way to do this is to hire the leading London PR company. A public relations company works with you to define and promote your brand. This requires skill and precision, which is why you should only seek out the best agencies. Consider the agencies on the list included here. These companies have the experience and capability to develop your brand. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

London Best London PR Firm Logo: The Anderson Media Group
#1 of 10 Best London PR Companies

The Anderson Media Group

Covent Garden, UK

#1 of 10 Top London PR Agencies of 2017 - The Anderson Media Group is a world-class public relations firm that has a dedicated team of experts that can help their clients do everything from launch new products to breath new life into an existing product. They work closely with each of their clients to decide the length and type of campaign they will need as well as which media platform to target so they can build powerful PR campaigns for them from beginning to end that get impressive results.

London Best London PR Firm Logo: Blur Group
#2 of 10 Top London PR Firms

Blur Group

London, UK

#2 of 10 Top London PR Firms of 2017 - Blur Group is one of the best public relations companies around today. They have offices located in the United States as well as other locations around the globe. This helps them establish a global presence for a variety of different types of business types. Some of their larger client examples include Solvay, Danone, Argos, General Electric, Caterpillar, and Tesco. Blur Group regularly handles a variety of public relations tasks for their clients. Some common examples include crisis management, investor relations, speech preparation, and focus group research. They also can assist with social media management as well.

London Top London PR Company Logo: Black Sheep PR
#3 of 10 Top London PR Companies

Black Sheep PR

London, UK

#3 of 10 Best London PR Agencies of 2017 - Public relations is a set of professional services required by any business that wants to achieve and maintain a solid reputation and a large base of clients. The team at Black Sheep PR knows what is needed in order for a business to enjoy a great reputation. They are able to manage a client's social media and ensure that their online reputation is in a good position. The staff at Black Sheep PR is dedicated to their clients and strives for excellence in all that they do. They help their clients to succeed through effective communications and rapid response times.

London Top London PR Firm Logo: Aspectus
#4 of 10 Top London PR Businesses


London, UK

#4 of 10 Best London PR Agencies of 2017 - Every business deserves to have communications that are honest, accurate, precise and on-time. Handling communications with internal and external entities can be challenging, which is why many owners turn to Aspectus. As one of the nation's leading companies for public relations, Aspectus gives its clients the chance to reach out to the media and inform them of special events, important changes and new products or services. Aspectus's public relations activities also include viral marketing through the internet and social media. They coordinate their clients' social media activities, making it easier for the client to engage with consumers and inspire followers.

London Best London PR Firm Logo: Beattie Group
#5 of 10 Best London PR Firms

Beattie Group

London, UK

#5 of 10 Best London PR Businesses of 2017 - As an integrated PR company, the Beattie Group's digital marketing experts, event planners, filmmakers, communication teams and content creators deliver transformational strategies for clients. Storytelling is the PR company's primary tool for creating content that will go viral. The Beattie Group provides corporate and B2B communications services, as well as crisis management assistance. Serving a wide range of clients, the Beattie Group has specialists in 12 sectors, including travel, healthcare and aerospace and defense. Using translation specialists One Global, the Beattie Group can deliver campaigns in more than 200 languages.

London Top London PR Company Logo: 2Sisters PR
#6 of 10 Top London PR Firms

2Sisters PR

London, UK

#6 of 10 Best London PR Companies of 2017 - 2Sisters PR is a London-based agency that delivers tailored public relations services to clients in Europe and the UK. They specialize in beauty and lifestyle PR, social media management, international PR, sponsorship management, event organization, and ethnic marketing. The company’s PR professionals work with businesses of all size. They have a unique understanding and specialized knowledge of the brands they work with. You can rely on them to get your product or services talked about online or offline.

London Best London PR Company Logo: PLMR
#7 of 10 Best London PR Firms


Westminster, UK

#7 of 10 Best London PR Businesses of 2017 - PLMR is an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable public relations company. Their main office is located in the United Kingdom. They have established connections with many different types of media outlets in the United Kingdom and all across the world. This makes them an excellent pick for companies that are looking to expand their target audience. PLMR is able to deliver reliable results due to their media connections and extensive training. They can handle a wide assortment of PR needs ranging from crisis planning to social media management with everything in-between.

London Top London PR Company Logo: The Think Tank
#8 of 10 Top London PR Businesses

The Think Tank

London, Uk

#8 of 10 Best London PR Companies of 2017 - Based in the United Kingdom, The Think Tank is known for its ability to efficiently deliver a full spectrum of communications on behalf of its worldwide clients. The Think Tank is thorough in its writing and releasing of key pieces of information. Their staff works to ensure that the communications are accurate, precise and relevant. They also make sure that every public relations service they perform is done at just the right time. Some of their professional services include press releases and memos to employees and investors of a client. They handle social media and reputation control and event coordination.

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