10 Best Public Relations Companies London April 2017

If you want your business to outshine the competition in the London market, you’ll need to work with an excellent PR firm. How else will your company stand a chance against the many thriving businesses in the city? We put this list together to help businesses find the best London PR agency. By working with the right agency, you can generate positive buzz that will attract new business. The companies you’ll find here have all been thoroughly reviewed using a strict set of qualifiers. Get started now, and your business will be doing great before you know it. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

London Best London PR Firm Logo: The Anderson Media Group
#1 of 10 Leading London PR Businesses

The Anderson Media Group

Covent Garden, UK

#1 of 10 Top London PR Agencies of 2017 - The Anderson Media Group is a public relations agency that serves a wide range of clients from small family businesses to major global corporations. The firm offers media relations in print publications, broadcast media and digital arenas, helping to bring its clients to the forefront when it comes to influencing their key markets and stakeholders. The Anderson Media Group employs publicists that bring years of experience to the client's table, helping to launch a new product, service or brand. Clients include Brand Alley, Lelo, the Wild Peanut, Monte Carlo Beach and Harrod.

London Top London PR Business Logo: Blur Group
#2 of 10 Top London PR Businesses

Blur Group

London, UK

#2 of 10 Leading London PR Firms of 2017 - Blur Group is a multi-faceted public relations company that provides a marketplace where clients can access thousands of contacts for their PR needs. The company exists to facilitate relationships between its clients and the public relations companies that will best serve their needs. The Blur Group marketplace has over 65,000 providers of public relations and other services, and all marketplace members must pass a stringent vetting process. The company has served clients in 145 countries and maintains an international presence.

London Best London PR Firm Logo: Black Sheep PR
#3 of 10 Top London PR Companies

Black Sheep PR

London, UK

#3 of 10 Top London PR Businesses of 2017 - Known for being smart, innovative, and aggressive, Black Sheep PR is the best public relations company for non-profits, civic organizations, and companies that focus on social responsibility to work with. They want to work with clients dedicated to changing the world, and Black Sheep will dive in to your cause and help. Black Sheep PR immerses themselves in their clients to learn everything about them. From that point, they can develop an action plan dedicated to increasing name recognition, re-inventing your image, storm social media to build followers, and start a movement. With proven results and an impressive client list, Black Sheep PR is the firm you want to work with.

London Leading London PR Firm Logo: Aspectus
#4 of 10 Best London PR Companies


London, UK

#4 of 10 Leading London PR Companies of 2017 - Aspectus is a top-rated, global public relations firm that closely listens to what their clients want to achieve. They then will get their clients there through their distinct approach that will captivate and drive their target audience to them. Their gifted staff of diverse talent excel at creating outstanding content for their clients, get it through the perfect channels and oversee their search engine marketing in such a way that makes individuals locate and want to interact with them.

London Best London PR Agency Logo: Beattie Group
#5 of 10 Top London PR Businesses

Beattie Group

London, UK

#5 of 10 Best London PR Companies of 2017 - Beattie Group is a public relations group that specializes in helping growing companies get a handle of their image in the mainstream media. In order to accomplish this, Beattie Group helps its clients to develop deep connections with many industry insiders, regardless of the marketplace that they traditionally operate in. In addition to helping companies grow in their local marketplace, Beattie Group is also fully prepared to help them transition to growth at the international level. As a result, Beattie Group is an excellent choice for any company that is in the market for a professional public relations firm.

London Leading London PR Company Logo: 2Sisters PR
#6 of 10 Best London PR Companies

2Sisters PR

London, UK

#6 of 10 Top London PR Agencies of 2017 - Headquartered in the United Kingdom and serving clients across Europe, North American and beyond, the 2Sisters PR public relations firm has been rated as one of the ten best in the industry. Owned and operated by women, this firm is recognized for its ingenuity, creativity and trustworthiness by its past and current clients. They offer helpful public relations services such as social media engagement and reputation management. 2Sisters PR writes and sends out press releases to key members of the media. The staff of 2Sisters PR is also known for their rapid response time if a client is in crisis.

London Leading London PR Agency Logo: PLMR
#7 of 10 Leading London PR Companies


Westminster, UK

#7 of 10 Best London PR Companies of 2017 - PLMR is a London-based public relations company which specializes in PR for a variety of sectors which include education, finance, and leisure. The company has been honored as a Top 250 Global PR Agency by World PR Report and was also named the 2013 Consultancy of the Year by the Public Affairs Awards. Public relations services provided by the company include digital PR, lobbying and public affairs, social media campaigns, and event management. PLMR also employs a staff of creative professionals that are able to assist with website management and photography.

London Best London PR Agency Logo: The Think Tank
#8 of 10 Best London PR Firms

The Think Tank

London, Uk

#8 of 10 Top London PR Agencies of 2017 - Founded in 1993, The Think Tank is an award-winning, first-class public relations company that offers their talented clients a full range of marketing services from brand development to digital design and strategic design to digital communications. They develop integrated and unique marketing solutions for their clients that answer their briefs and goals based on innovation and insight. This firm also ensures media impartiality that delivers results and maximizes their return on investment for their clients.

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