10 Best Public Relations Companies London March 2017

Your business needs top talent to help you gain exposure and ensure a positive public presence. Finding such a team can be challenging in a city like London. With so many great public relations firms to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. That's why we've compiled our Top London PR Agency list. We've gathered essential data to find the city's best and brightest. Although listing fees may influence list placement, only PR firms with proven track records were included. Let our list be your first step toward getting noticed and enhancing your company's reputation. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

London Top London PR Firm Logo: The Anderson Media Group
#1 of 10 Best London PR Companies

The Anderson Media Group

Covent Garden, UK

#1 of 10 Leading London PR Businesses of 2017 - The Anderson Media Group is an award-winning public relations company that work with clients ranging from small businesses to huge corporations. They have an experienced team of talented publicists who can help their clients do everything from building on an existing brand to launching a new service from the very beginning. They're also experts at handling their clients' public image with the care and dedication they deserve and will ensure they are seen by their targeted audience at the right time.

London Top London PR Company Logo: Blur Group
#2 of 10 Top London PR Businesses

Blur Group

London, UK

#2 of 10 Leading London PR Firms of 2017 - Blur Group is a first-class public relations company that helps businesses achieve the most in a budget-friendly way without sacrificing quality and standards. Business leaders and owners who partner with this company will learn about sourcing and how to transform the way they spend and manage their money in a cost-effective way. They also offer their clients a platform that will aid them in eliminating the inefficiency and waste often built-in the purchasing of business services and goods.

London Leading London PR Agency Logo: Black Sheep PR
#3 of 10 Leading London PR Businesses

Black Sheep PR

London, UK

#3 of 10 Top London PR Companies of 2017 - Black Sheep PR is a top rated public relations company based in Houston, Texas. The company focuses on building corporate social responsibility programs that for-profit companies can utilize to help increase brand awareness. As part of their overall PR services, Black Sheep PR offers consulting, long term partnerships and training. Black Sheep PR is comprised of a small group of public relations specialists who enjoy helping all types of companies thrive. When signing on a new client, they spend a significant amount of time learning the ins and outs of the business and what the ultimate goal the business owner has in mind. Then, they go to work implementing a plan that fosters long term brand and revenue growth.

London Best London PR Business Logo: Aspectus
#4 of 10 Best London PR Businesses


London, UK

#4 of 10 Top London PR Firms of 2017 - Aspectus is a global public relations company that provides a unique approach to clients in five distinct sectors that helps build brands, increase sales, attract investment and support overall growth. With offices located in New York City, London, Singapore, Aberdeen, Scotland, and Lucerne, Switzerland, Aspectus focuses on clients in the financial services, energy, oil and gas, technology and engineering industries. A full slate of services that engage audiences and produce measured results are available. These include branding and messaging, content creation for visual, digital and print platforms, media relations, direct marketing, analyst relations, business-to-business event marketing and search engine marketing.

London Best London PR Company Logo: Beattie Group
#5 of 10 Best London PR Agencies

Beattie Group

London, UK

#5 of 10 Best London PR Firms of 2017 - Every company in existence needs to be able to quickly and effectively respond to consumer questions, media inquiries and urgent situations. Being able to issue an engaging, informative and accurate response can make all of the difference to a business' success in a highly competitive marketplace. As one of the ten best public relations companies, Beattie Group, a top PR company, helps its clients to succeed in all of these types of key communications. Beattie Group is able to work on behalf of its clients to respond to any question or situation. Their messages represent clients in a positive way.

London Best London PR Company Logo: 2Sisters PR
#6 of 10 Top London PR Agencies

2Sisters PR

London, UK

#6 of 10 Top London PR Companies of 2017 - 2Sisters PR is a top communications agency based in London. This firm specializes in helping clients plan successful campaigns as well as managing campaigns that are already in progress. Using a team of professional bloggers, on and offline editors, vloggers, and marketing strategists, 2SistersPR has the talent to create a campaign that really works. This company offers its clients a wide range of services that include beauty and lifestyle public relations, management of social media, international public relations, and event organization. 2Sisters PR has successfully represented clients such as Stonegate Pubs, Lebara Mobile, and Polish Village Bread.

London Leading London PR Agency Logo: PLMR
#7 of 10 Best London PR Companies


Westminster, UK

#7 of 10 Top London PR Agencies of 2017 - Based in the United Kingdom and serving clients with an international presence, PLMR provides essential public relations services. The PLMR firm has been ranked in the top ten best public relations companies because they deliver effective messages to the client's desired audience. They work to ensure that each of their clients is able to maintain a positive and visible presence in the public and to the media. When a client is facing a crisis situation, PLMR is able to respond in a precise and timely manner. The team at PLMR is passionate about helping their clients to succeed and thrive.

London Leading London PR Company Logo: The Think Tank
#8 of 10 Leading London PR Businesses

The Think Tank

London, Uk

#8 of 10 Best London PR Companies of 2017 - Since 1993, The Think Tank has been a top business to business marketing company. Although this firm is based in London, it has global reach with clients world wide. The Think Tank has experience working with all types of businesses in sectors such as finance, retail, technology, and construction. Their creative team has the ability to put together a campaign that utilizes a variety of techniques including design, brand development, public relations, and tactile marketing strategies. TT Electronics, Aluk, and Amadeus are but a few companies that have used The Think Tank to great success.

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