10 Best Music PR Firms October 2014

Many musicians find that great melodies and the perfect lyrics are just not enough. Hiring a publicist who specializes music and entertainment can help potential fans find your band or act. On this page, 10 Best PR has aggregated their choices for the top music PR companies. This list is a compilation which was generated through our proprietary analytic review which is a result of variables such as customer reviews, web-based statistics, and monthly entry fees for submission to our directory. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best Music PR Agency Logo: Cyber
#1 of 10 Top Music Public Relations Companies


Brooklyn, New York

#1 of 10 Top Music PR Agencies of 2014 - Cyber is a premier music PR firm that utilizes a plethora of unique strategies to help talented individuals and groups develop and maintain positive images in the public eye. In recognizing the integral role that effective branding plays in helping great talent get discovered, the professionals of Cyber take time to cultivate a distinct image for their clients so that they are memorable in the minds of the public. Additionally, the skilled professionals of Cyber will utilize social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook to help clients gain exposure and build a tribe of loyal customers who will eventually evolve into excellent brand ambassadors.

 Best Entertainment Public Relations Firm Logo: Much & House
#2 of 10 Best Entertainment Public Relations Firms

Much & House

Los Angeles, California

#2 of 10 Leading Entertainment Public Relations Firms of 2014 - Much & House is a comprehensive music PR firm that specializes in offering a plethora of brand-building services to clients interested in gaining exposure while simultaneously cultivating a positive image in the public eye. In addition to utilizing traditional methods of advertising to help clients gain exposure, the professionals of Much & House use contemporary practices such as social media marketing to ensure that customers earn the sustained attention of the general public. Our staff of experts has mastered the art of generating buzz and curiosity about its clients, and our results-yielding strategies enable individuals who want to build successful careers in the music industry to do so.

 Leading Music Public Relations Firm Logo: Spritz SF
#3 of 10 Top Music PR Firms

Spritz SF

San Francisco, California

#3 of 10 Best Music Public Relations Agencies of 2014 - Operating in an office within San Francisco, Spritz SF consists of talented marketing gurus who are inspired by the high tech innovations that come out of nearby Silicon Valley. This digital agency understands the dynamics of public relations in the music industry. Digital music files can be embedded into web pages that serve promotional purposes. Music artists and bands can also benefit from social media profile pages that contain samples of songs. External links to popular MP3 marketplaces should also be applied to social media profiles and professional websites of musicians who want to optimize album sales and online reputations.

 Leading Entertainment PR Company Logo: Allison
#4 of 10 Leading Entertainment Public Relations Firms


Chicago, Illinois

#4 of 10 Top Entertainment Public Relations Businesses of 2014 - Allison+Partners is by far the best music PR firm. That's because this communications firm is quickly growing into a global entity, thanks to their creative marketing plans and approach to expanding their clients' reach. In the past, Allison+Partners has worked for high profile clients like Toyota, Best Western, Samsung, The Vitamin Shoppe, Capital One and Orbitz. This wide range of clients has helped Allison+Partners really transform their services into the agency they are today. Unlike other PR firms, though, their creative solutions are brought to focus by a team. That's because they feel this achieves the best results, which is apparent from all the success they've achieved.

 Best Music PR Company Logo: Grayling
#5 of 10 Top Music Public Relations Companies


New York, New York

#5 of 10 Leading Music Public Relations Agencies of 2014 - Grayling is a digital agency that operates multiple locations throughout the United States of America. This company has the expertise to promote clients in the music industry. Public relations are enhanced online thanks to social media channels that can be used to play samples of songs and full length music videos. Artists can enjoy widespread recognition on the world wide web thanks to viral effects that circulate content to millions of people in a matter of minutes. Grayling also understands the importance of linking professional websites of music artists with external stores that actually sell full length albums or individual songs.

 Top Entertainment PR Agency Logo: AMP3
#6 of 10 Top Entertainment Public Relations Agencies


New York City, New York

#6 of 10 Leading Entertainment Public Relations Businesses of 2014 - Whether you're a solo act or an up and coming band that's looking for that big break in the music industry, your journey to success begins at AMP3. We are a PR agency based in New York that specializes in all aspects of marketing including event production and digital media for all of your musical endeavors. We are focused on getting your name out there without phony press releases or fake hype. Our continued mission is to maintain strong relationships with various types of media outlets to expand your name and ultimately turn your dreams into reality.

 Leading Music PR Company Logo: Spark
#7 of 10 Leading Music Public Relations Companies


San Francisco, California

#7 of 10 Best Music Public Relations Businesses of 2014 - As a top notch music PR firm, Spark is skilled in creating public relations campaigns that help get our clients noticed. To do so, the professionals of Spark make use of several platforms, including the world of social media. By utilizing channels such as Twitter and Facebook to help build positive relationships between our clients and their target market, the expert marketers of our staff help them develop a strong, loyal following. Additionally, our public relations experts are skilled in utilizing video and design strategies for the purpose of optimizing client exposure while cultivating a distinct brand. In so doing, we help clients cultivate a strong foundation on which to build a strong, substantive career in music.

 Top Entertainment Public Relations Business Logo: Green Light Go
#8 of 10 Top Entertainment Public Relations Firms

Green Light Go

Ferndale, Michigan

#8 of 10 Best Entertainment Public Relations Businesses of 2014 - Green Light Go Music Public Relations specializes in promoting indie rock and folk, electro pop and Americana artists, tailoring each campaign to the individuals needs of the artist. Founded in 2002, the Ferndale, MI, company has developed relationships with a number of key music industry blogs such as Pitchfork, Daytrotter and Stereogum that help build successful publicity campaigns for clients. Among the services Green Light Go offers are one sheets, biography pages, story angle development, press releases and email blasts, fan profiles, individual pitches, real time pitch reporting and monthly report overview with analysis.

 Top Music PR Company Logo: Team Clermont
#9 of 10 Leading Music Public Relations Companies

Team Clermont

Athens, Georgia

#9 of 10 Top Music PR Companies of 2014 - Team Clermont is a digital agency that knows the ins and outs of public relations in real life on the world wide web. This company specializes in promoting artists and other individuals who are involved in the music industry. Modern marketing techniques for musicians focus on embedding samples of songs and albums on personal websites and social media profiles. It is also important to provide links that redirect to online stores that actually sell digital albums. Landing pages could also contain custom playlists that encourage visitors to listen to the recordings of the artists being promoted on a given website.

 Best Entertainment Public Relations Business Logo: Big Noise
#10 of 10 Leading Entertainment Public Relations Companies

Big Noise

San Francisco, California

#10 of 10 Top Entertainment Public Relations Agencies of 2014 - Big Noise is an advertising agency that offers services in public relations for various industry including entertainment. Based in San Francisco, this company receives plenty of inspirations from the high tech hotspot in Silicon Valley. The experts at Big Noise know how to promote musicians via desktop and mobile platforms. For example, custom ads can be generated to reach smartphones that run on Apple iOS and Android. Samples of soundtracks should be made available to users on any type of browsers. Mobile store integration is also key in promoting musicians who want their work heard around the world on the go.

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