10 Best Travel PR Agencies December 2016

10 Best PR has the expertise to select the Best Travel PR Business in the entire world. This is a trustworthy agency that releases a list of PR agencies that specialize in working mostly with clients in the travel and hospitality industries. Public relations for hotels and resorts is mostly based on effective advertising campaigns that are launched on search engines and social media channels. Additionally, successful PR for travel purposes is done in traditional formats as well such as magazines and brochures. Top PR businesses can also utilize billboards as effective platforms for promoting travel packages and tours worldwide. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Leading Travel PR Firm Logo: Mango PR
#1 of 10 Leading Travel PR Businesses

Mango PR

London, United Kingdom

#1 of 10 Best Travel PR Firms of 2016 - Providing public relations services for clients from all over the world, Mango PR is one of the most recognizable names in the PR industry. They strive to provide all customers a broad range of necessary PR services, helping companies not only get their name out there, but also solidify their audience once they have a presence. The professionals are highly courteous and capable, and they know how important it is for customers to keep up with their end-users. No matter what you need when you begin your campaign, these experts will be more than happy to deliver in all industries.

 Top Travel PR Business Logo: Brandman Agency
#2 of 10 Leading Travel Public Relations Agencies

Brandman Agency

Beverly Hills, California

#2 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Firms of 2016 - Brandman Agency is a public relations agency that has worked closely with clients from the travel industry to improve public perception of their services. The travel industry can be highly competitive, which makes the services of public relations firms like Brandman Agency all the more valuable. Travel agencies that have had negative experiences in the past should seriously contacting Brandman Agency for more information. Their commitment to their clients, as well as a reputation for getting the job done, has helped to position them as one of the leaders in public relations for travel agencies.

 Top Travel PR Company Logo: Laura Davidson PR
#3 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Companies

Laura Davidson PR

New York, New York

#3 of 10 Top Travel PR Businesses of 2016 - Laura Davidson PR, a travel PR agency, has more than 20 years of experience promoting destinations, resorts and hotels. Operating out of New York City, LDPR works with clients in all parts of the world, offering print, TV and radio exposure with digital and social media marketing tactics. Clients can count on the senior staffers to always be available for crisis management responses. Top clients include The Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC and destination Sydney, Australia. The award winning PR agency boasts Seven Platinum Awards and 37 Gold Awards from Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International.

 Leading Travel Public Relations Agency Logo: LER PR
#4 of 10 Top Travel PR Companies


New York, New York

#4 of 10 Best Travel PR Agencies of 2016 - LER PR is often regarded as the top PR travel agency. They have an impressive group of professionals that have the unique training required to appropriately handle travel sector clients. Their main office is located in New York, New York. LER PR offers a full-service lineup of public relations solutions. Those include things like investor relations, brand development, social media outreach, and retail store openings. In addition, LER PR has a full team of dedicated web developers that are able to create custom websites for clients.

 Top Travel PR Business Logo: Hills Balfour
#5 of 10 Leading Travel Public Relations Companies

Hills Balfour

London, United Kingdom

#5 of 10 Leading Travel PR Agencies of 2016 - Hills Balfour, a London PR agency specializing in travel and tourism brands, offers representation, marketing, public relations and crisis management to clients from around the world. As a full-service PR agency, offers 360 degree, fully integrated campaigns tailored to their client's specific needs and objectives. Since the firm focuses on travel brands, they have expertise in responding to natural disasters and terrorist attacks that occur in locations that the agency is representing. Featured clients include the Arizona Office of Tourism, the Kenya Tourist Board and the Israel Government Tourist Office.

 Best Travel PR Firm Logo: The Red Republic
#6 of 10 Leading Travel Public Relations Businesses

The Red Republic

New South Wales, Australia

#6 of 10 Top Travel PR Companies of 2016 - The Red Republic is a trailblazer in the public relations (PR) arena. More specifically, it is a PR specialist in the travel world. The Red Republic is known as a brand. It distinguishes itself from other PR companies by being attentive to its customers' needs. As a result, The Red Republic is able to deliver a polished product. Its stellar performance is attributed to its passion for endearing the travel industry to the public. The Red Republic simply wants the world to know what it knows about the travel field.

 Leading Travel Public Relations Firm Logo: J Public Relations
#7 of 10 Best Travel PR Firms

J Public Relations

New York, New York

#7 of 10 Leading Travel PR Companies of 2016 - J Public Relations is a highly regarded PR agency that works in the world of travel and hospitality. Though smaller than many travel PR agencies, this agency has been honored twice with awards from PR News. With offices in New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, and London, this agency has global reach. By using a mix of traditional PR and digital strategies, this agency helps its clients get results. Clients of J Public Relations include Cheeca Lodge & Spa, Grace Hotels, and Grand Geneva Resort.

 Best Travel PR Firm Logo: Coyne PR
#8 of 10 Best Travel PR Companies

Coyne PR

Parsippany, New Jersey

#8 of 10 Top Travel PR Firms of 2016 - Coyne PR has been recognized as a leading PR agency that specializes in the travel sector. They provide a wide range of PR services such as brand building, crisis management, corporate communications, events and promotions, product launches, and media relations. They also offer a variety of advertising solutions as well. They have a team of professionals that are able to handle an assortment of advertising requests including social media management. Some of the advertising selections offered include SEO optimization, social media advertising, radio commercials and much more.

 Leading Travel PR Company Logo: McClusky International
#9 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Businesses

McClusky International

London, United Kingdom

#9 of 10 Best Travel PR Companies of 2016 - McClusky International is widely recognized as one of the best travel PR agencies in the world. The quality of their media contacts is unsurpassed, particularly in the UK and Ireland. Based in the UK, this agency has global reach. McClusky's approach is to create customized campaigns for each client. The agency's goal is to increase their clients' return on investment. Past clients of McClusky include APH, Kimpton Hotels & Resorts, Kyoto, and Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau.

 Leading Travel PR Firm Logo: Nancy J Friedman PR
#10 of 10 Leading Travel Public Relations Companies

Nancy J Friedman PR

New York, New York

#10 of 10 Leading Travel PR Agencies of 2016 - Nancy J Friedman PR is a public relations firm that primarily works with individuals and companies in the travel industry. The travel industry can be a rigorous place, especially when someone finds themselves in the cross-hairs of the media. Luckily, Nancy J Friedman PR is an expert in deftly guiding its clients through negative stories, or helping them to promote a positive story that can earn goodwill from specific communities. Regardless of whether a company is concerned with dealing with traditional forms of media or moving into the digital realm, Nancy J Friedman PR is up to the task.

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