10 Best Travel PR Agencies March 2016

10 Best PR has the expertise to select the Best Travel PR Business in the entire world. This is a trustworthy agency that releases a list of PR agencies that specialize in working mostly with clients in the travel and hospitality industries. Public relations for hotels and resorts is mostly based on effective advertising campaigns that are launched on search engines and social media channels. Additionally, successful PR for travel purposes is done in traditional formats as well such as magazines and brochures. Top PR businesses can also utilize billboards as effective platforms for promoting travel packages and tours worldwide. Ranking order is based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics, including the payment of variable monthly listing fees to be in our directory. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Leading Travel Public Relations Firm Logo: Mango PR
#1 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Businesses

Mango PR

London, United Kingdom

#1 of 10 Top Travel PR Businesses of 2016 - Mango is a well-known global public relations agency that focuses on developing travel, tourism and lifestyle campaigns. From its main offices in London, Singapore and Hong Kong, Blaze is able to effectively serve the global market better than any other public relations agency that has a focus on the world's travel industries. This forward-thinking public relations firm uses a strategic approach to carefully create successful marketing campaigns for its worldwide clients. Mango offers a wide variety of services that include media relations, social media, strategic planning, copywriting, marketing partnerships, creative idea generation, event management, critical campaign evaluation and crisis communication.

 Best Travel Public Relations Agency Logo: Brandman Agency
#2 of 10 Leading Travel Public Relations Businesses

Brandman Agency

Beverly Hills, California

#2 of 10 Leading Travel PR Agencies of 2016 - Brandman Agency provides public relations solutions for companies that are involved in the tourism and hospitality industries. This is a boutique agency that has the right ideas for businesses that provide lodging and accommodations for people all over the world. Brandman Agency knows how to properly promote travel websites to a target audience anywhere on the planet. First of all, digital brochures have to be uploaded on the website of a given client. Such publications should be easy to download on multiple devices including tablets and smartphones. Brandman Agency believes that travel websites have to be compatible with the latest mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

 Top Travel PR Company Logo: Laura Davidson PR
#3 of 10 Leading Travel PR Agencies

Laura Davidson PR

New York, New York

#3 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Agencies of 2016 - The Laura Davidson PR group has been awarded a best travel PR agency award. Their travel agency offers creative, professional and enthusiastic public relations services to clients throughout the travel industry. They focus on collaborative and strategic approaches in order to meet their clients' needs for marketing, digital advertising and brand visibility. By forging strong relationships with their clients, the Laura Davidson PR group is able to build long-lasting relationships with its clients. They are driven to deliver excellent customer service and a custom approach to every client's PR needs.

 Best Travel Public Relations Firm Logo: LER PR
#4 of 10 Top Travel PR Firms


New York, New York

#4 of 10 Best Travel PR Companies of 2016 - LER PR is a company that offers public relations for businesses in the hospitality sector. This agency takes over control of online marketing operations on behalf of resorts, hotels, lodges and other facilities that provide some sort of lodging and accommodations. LER PR knows that public relations have to be done on a global scale in order to improve sales for clients in the travel industry. These days, the tourism industry is very competitive because of so many choices that are available for travelers. LER PR tries to convince people to book rooms and other services with managed clients worldwide.

 Best Travel PR Company Logo: Hills Balfour
#5 of 10 Leading Travel PR Companies

Hills Balfour

London, United Kingdom

#5 of 10 Leading Travel PR Agencies of 2016 - One of the best travel public relations agencies is Hill Balfour, which is located in in London, England. The company's specialities include representation, management, tour operator liaison, road shows, customer relationship management, training services, airline liaison, public relations, search engine optimization, online marketing, celebrity endorsements, newsletters, media training, press office training, brand partnerships, social media management, article syndications, event management, digital public relations, viral game creation, crowd sourcing, support with speaker opportunities, workshop support, e-marketing, orientation programs, and representation at industry events. Clients include Arizona Office of Tourism, Catalunya, Australis, Costa Navarino, Butlin's Events, Balfour, Alton Towers, Destination Plymouth, and Dubai Convention and Events Bureau.

 Top Travel PR Business Logo: The Red Republic
#6 of 10 Leading Travel Public Relations Companies

The Red Republic

New South Wales, Australia

#6 of 10 Top Travel PR Agencies of 2016 - The Red Republic is perhaps the loudest and boisterous of Australian PR agencies. This works brilliantly for clients like the City of Sydney, White Lily Couture, Marriott, Domino's Pizza, and 50 more companies looking for an advantage over their competitors in marketing. The Red Republic's extensive experience in crafting strategic and creative campaigns for global brands led them to win awards such as PRIA's Best Pro Bono Campaign of 2015. For businesses in the travel industry needing quality marketing and PR, there is hardly anyone better this side of Sydney than The Red Republic agency.

 Best Travel PR Agency Logo: J Public Relations
#7 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Businesses

J Public Relations

New York, New York

#7 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Agencies of 2016 - With offices in New York and California, J Public Relations is one of the country's very top public relations companies specializing in travel. From media relations to hotel launches, the dynamic staff at this PR firm is skilled at using different types of strategies to ensure that their clients get ahead. In today's rapidly shifting climate, it's important for hospitality-based businesses to have the right kind of PR experts in their corner. J Public Relations provides the expertise needed in this new world.

 Best Travel PR Firm Logo: Coyne PR
#8 of 10 Leading Travel PR Companies

Coyne PR

Parsippany, New Jersey

#8 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Companies of 2016 - Coyne PR is a travel PR agency with an award-winning team of brilliant digital designers, advertisers and marketers that know how to develop and deliver first class programs that bring visibility and growth to their client's brands. They offer many services including brand building, social content creation, web design and development and logo and corporate identity designs. They work and have expertise in a wide range of fields, and work with many prominent clients like Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and the Walt Disney Company.

 Best Travel Public Relations Business Logo: McClusky International
#9 of 10 Best Travel PR Agencies

McClusky International

London, United Kingdom

#9 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Businesses of 2016 - McCluskey International is the UK’s leading travel PR agency. They have extensive experience when it comes to providing destination marketing services and PR to tourism and travel companies, including tour operators, tourist boards, cruise lines and airlines. While McCluskey is based in London, their network of partners extends to Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Australian, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Found in 1987, McCluskey has become a market leader and is among the UK’s best travel and leisure consultancy companies. Today, they represent the best tourist organization and destinations in the world. Visit their website to find out the latest information about the travel industry.

 Best Travel Public Relations Business Logo: Nancy J Friedman PR
#10 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Firms

Nancy J Friedman PR

New York, New York

#10 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Agencies of 2016 - Nancy J Friedman PR offers public relations solutions for companies that are involved in the tourism, hospitality and catering industries. This is a boutique agency that delivers superior personalized service for each client. Nancy J Friedman PR takes the time and effort to optimize clients' websites that focus on travel all over the world. This marketing agency could publish digital brochures and guides that travelers will find useful. Nancy J Friedman PR believes that hotels, resorts and lodges must have mobile-friendly domains that can be easily accessed via smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers, notebooks and laptop computers.

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