10 Best Travel PR Agencies September 2016

10 Best PR has the expertise to select the Best Travel PR Business in the entire world. This is a trustworthy agency that releases a list of PR agencies that specialize in working mostly with clients in the travel and hospitality industries. Public relations for hotels and resorts is mostly based on effective advertising campaigns that are launched on search engines and social media channels. Additionally, successful PR for travel purposes is done in traditional formats as well such as magazines and brochures. Top PR businesses can also utilize billboards as effective platforms for promoting travel packages and tours worldwide. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best Travel Public Relations Company Logo: Mango PR
#1 of 10 Leading Travel Public Relations Businesses

Mango PR

London, United Kingdom

#1 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Companies of 2016 - Mango PR is an international firm with an international feeling, giving brands of all sizes in all industries the tools and support necessary to help develop business' brands as well as their online presence. Mango PR is not a catch all for every business, helping to build powerful reputations for aspirational brands trying to grow into something bigger and greater. Mango PR's set of premier services include international campaigns, digital services, and crisis communications. With offices in London, Singapore, and Hong Kong, Mango PR's clients include global brands such as Abbey Hotel, Bath and Adrift.

 Top Travel PR Business Logo: Brandman Agency
#2 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Companies

Brandman Agency

Beverly Hills, California

#2 of 10 Leading Travel PR Agencies of 2016 - If you are the owner or operator of a PR Agency and want to keep a step above the competition, this is the perfect company to help you succeed. Brandman Agency has a team of experts that will work tirelessly giving your company the image you want. This company specializes in brand names, commercials, and so much more. The cost depends on the type of PR you want for your company, how long you contract with them, what type of company you have.

 Top Travel PR Company Logo: Laura Davidson PR
#3 of 10 Leading Travel Public Relations Agencies

Laura Davidson PR

New York, New York

#3 of 10 Leading Travel PR Companies of 2016 - As a premier travel PR Agency, Laura Davidson PR knows the value of dedication, collaboration and innovation in the modern marketplace. They have decades of experience helping clients grow their business and bring their vision to life through conventional and creative outreach tactics. In addition to cruise lines and tour operators, they also serve various destinations, hotels and resorts. Their team of public relations professionals maintains a strong network of industry contacts to help their clients gain visibility, with the ultimate goal of driving more customers to their brand and service.

 Leading Travel PR Company Logo: LER PR
#4 of 10 Leading Travel Public Relations Companies


New York, New York

#4 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Companies of 2016 - LER PR is among the best travel PR agencies, offering a full suite of services, including public relations management, branding development, and event production services. LER PR offers a specialized expertise with a focus on luxury brands within the fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle industries. LER PR is committed to building fruitful relationships that help its partner businesses and clients get the most out of their advertising budget, and their innovative marketing campaigns have established them as a trusted name in the PR world.

 Best Travel PR Agency Logo: Hills Balfour
#5 of 10 Leading Travel Public Relations Businesses

Hills Balfour

London, United Kingdom

#5 of 10 Leading Travel PR Companies of 2016 - Hills Balfour is a travel PR agency that understands that travel companies are always fighting an uphill battle when it comes to the media and the public. The nature of the travel business is that things will go wrong, and sometimes there is nothing a travel company can do about it. Hills Balfour helps travel companies deal with this fallout while also helping those companies come up with a means to deal with the press fallout. In some cases, an offensive strategy is the best approach. Hills Balfour has shown a unique ability to make this happen with its PR approach.

 Leading Travel Public Relations Firm Logo: The Red Republic
#6 of 10 Best Travel PR Companies

The Red Republic

New South Wales, Australia

#6 of 10 Top Travel PR Businesses of 2016 - As a leading travel PR agency, The Red Republic uses their boundary-pushing team spirit to create real benefits for clients in the lifestyle, tourism and related niches. They know how to build a successful brand image that provides genuine value that boosts return on investment and fuels sales. The Red Republic looks for fresh and effective ways for brands to connect with their audience and develop an interactive relationship with them. In addition to their comprehensive public relations solutions, The Red Republic also offers creative design, social media and experiential marketing services.

 Top Travel Public Relations Firm Logo: J Public Relations
#7 of 10 Best Travel PR Businesses

J Public Relations

New York, New York

#7 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Firms of 2016 - J Public Relations is a PR firm that creates media and digital campaigns for their clients in the travel industry. They work closely with clients on all types of digital and online content to ensure that it represents the vision and ideals of the company. J Public Relations uses innovation to stay ahead of the competitors which translates to the most up to date campaigns for their clients. They work with many hospitality and lifestyle brands to create an online presence that shows commitment and authority in the travel industry, making their clients always appear knowledgeable and current to potential customers.

 Leading Travel Public Relations Firm Logo: Coyne PR
#8 of 10 Top Travel PR Firms

Coyne PR

Parsippany, New Jersey

#8 of 10 Leading Travel Public Relations Agencies of 2016 - As a cutting edge travel PR agency, Coyne PR maintains an independent and growth oriented culture that emphasizes the importance of balance in life. They know that media landscape is always changing, which is why they offer adaptable services that evolve with the times. Their team of creative and media professionals helps businesses develop their brand through cause marketing, crisis communications and sponsorship. They also offer a range of other essential advertising and marketing services, including content management and general strategy for digital media outreach.

 Leading Travel PR Firm Logo: McClusky International
#9 of 10 Best Travel PR Companies

McClusky International

London, United Kingdom

#9 of 10 Best Travel PR Firms of 2016 - McClusky has been a leading travel PR agency for years and has decades of experience in the travel and lifestyle industries. Their clients include various brands and established businesses, including hotels, cruise lines and tourist boards. The London-based agency has international reach and works across many of the globe's major market, including the United States, Germany and China. The company's core service offering includes public relations outreach as well as management for events and social media profiles. Their team can also offer strategic consultation and crisis management expertise as needed.

 Best Travel PR Agency Logo: Nancy J Friedman PR
#10 of 10 Top Travel PR Firms

Nancy J Friedman PR

New York, New York

#10 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Agencies of 2016 - Nancy J. Friedman PR is a public relations firm specializing in the travel industry. NJFPR offers a range of services to assist clients in achieving maximum results. Available services include media relations, openings and launches, brand stewardship, media events, partnerships, and social media. This experienced public relations firm works with clients to achieve goals by tapping media influencers, uncovering strategic advantages, forging creative partnerships, and providing global insight and perspective. Nancy J. Friedman PR has worked with some of the biggest names in the travel industry. The firm has received a number of awards, including PRNews Top Places to Work in PR.

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