10 Best Travel PR Agencies June 2017

To stand out as a travel brand, you need to show your potential clients what you can offer. This means displaying the sort of luxurious locations that might entice people to want to travel. However, everyone already knows that beautiful places exist. What they need to know is whether you can offer wonderful travel experiences that your customers are happy with. If you've had some PR issues in the past, working with the best travel PR company might help your company moving forward. Get started today, and you'll be hearing positive buzz about your travel business sooner than you think. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best Travel PR Firm Logo: Mango PR
#1 of 10 Best Travel PR Companies

Mango PR

London, United Kingdom

#1 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Businesses of 2017 - Companies in the travel industry are visible and need to maintain a consistent and positive reputation in order to ensure their success. Doing this can be a challenge even under the best of circumstances, which is why companies in the travel industry look to Mango PR for essential public relations services. Rated as a best public relations agency for businesses in the travel sector of the economy, Mango PR helps clients to communicate with the media through press releases. The firm's staff also launches ad campaigns for their clients' new services and locations, helping them to gain positive consumer attention.

 Top Travel Public Relations Firm Logo: Brandman Agency
#2 of 10 Best Travel PR Companies

Brandman Agency

Beverly Hills, California

#2 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Businesses of 2017 - Many people anticipate traveling as a huge portion of their vacation and leisure time. When consumers seek out businesses in the travel industry, they want to know all about the company they will be working with. The Brandman Agency helps businesses in the travel industry to highlight their benefits and inform the public of their locations, services and products. Brandman Agency also helps its travel clients to alert the media and the public about new offerings and other important news. The team at Brandman Agency handles social media updates, viral marketing, reputation management and the writing of official press releases.

 Best Travel Public Relations Company Logo: Laura Davidson PR
#3 of 10 Top Travel PR Agencies

Laura Davidson PR

New York, New York

#3 of 10 Top Travel PR Agencies of 2017 - This is a public relations firm specializing in the media industry. They can develop long-term marketing strategies, while still remaining flexible and dynamic enough to deal with market and environmental changes. They consider themselves collaborators with their clients, rather than just vendors. Their success is tied to their client's success. Their goal is to help clients drive the news with engaging stories and attention-grabbing press releases that are sent to the right sources. They put their extensive contact list within various media outlets around the world directly to work for their clients.

 Top Travel PR Agency Logo: LER PR
#4 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Agencies


New York, New York

#4 of 10 Top Travel PR Firms of 2017 - Situated on the famous Broadway in New York City, LER PR offers public relations services to local clients in diverse niches. When working with customers from the travel industry, this agency uses savvy marketing campaigns. For example, social networks and social media channels are utilized to launch promotions of popular hotels, resorts and other lodging facilities. These online platforms should ideally include new photos and videos of amenities, rooms and other notable features that appeal to travelers. LER PR encourages users to leave their unique feedback on previous travel experiences with specific tour agencies and other affiliates that offer accommodations.

 Best Travel PR Firm Logo: Hills Balfour
#5 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Firms

Hills Balfour

London, United Kingdom

#5 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Agencies of 2017 - Hills Balfour is regarded as one of the best travel PR agencies that are around today. Their main office is located in the United Kingdom and they have plenty of experience working with a variety of clients. Some of their larger client examples include NYC & Company, Las Vegas, Magical Kenya, Arizona Grand Company, and Amari. Hills Balfour can handle virtually any public relations task. Some common examples include content creation, social media management, investor relations, speech preparation, and focus group research. They also offer media kit creation and media training services as well.

 Best Travel PR Agency Logo: The Red Republic
#6 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Businesses

The Red Republic

New South Wales, Australia

#6 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Companies of 2017 - Businesses in the travel industry need to stay in touch with the public so that people can be aware of great new products, services and destinations. Travel businesses also need to have extensive connections with the media, especially when they want to promote a new location or vacation package. In order to accomplish all of this, travel businesses look to The Red Republic. As one of the country's most highly rated travel public relations firms, The Red Republic offers its clients key communications services. They also write and distribute press releases to the media and handle social media account management.

 Best Travel Public Relations Business Logo: J Public Relations
#7 of 10 Best Travel PR Agencies

J Public Relations

New York, New York

#7 of 10 Top Travel PR Businesses of 2017 - Businesses that specialize in the travel industry need to be seen in a positive light. These sorts of companies cannot tolerate any bad press or negative comments, which is where the professionals at J Public Relations come into the picture. The staff of J Public Relations helps its clients to highlight their products, services and locations in a way that inspires the public and the media to develop a solid reputation of them. J Public Relations is able to respond to a client's urgent situation or to provide live coverage of a special event. They're a top ten travel firm.

 Top Travel Public Relations Firm Logo: Coyne PR
#8 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Agencies

Coyne PR

Parsippany, New Jersey

#8 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Companies of 2017 - For businesses that are involved in the travel sector, Coyne PR is likely one of the best choices around today. They are a full-service public relations firm that has delivered impressive results for a variety of different clients. In addition to the travel sector, they have also worked with businesses involved in aviation, travel, and healthcare. The main reason companies continue to use Coyne PR is that they can deliver reliable results. They can assist with many different tasks like event planning, focus group research, investor relations, content creation, and social media campaigning.

 Top Travel Public Relations Agency Logo: McClusky International
#9 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Companies

McClusky International

London, United Kingdom

#9 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Agencies of 2017 - McClusky International has been recognized as one of the country's ten best public relations agencies specializing in services for the travel industry. They are able to help their clients with publicity around a special event, such as the release of a new spa service or the opening of a new location. When a client wants to publicize a special service, such as a vacation package to an exotic location, McClusky International is always up to the task. They know how to engage with consumers on behalf of the client through social media, and they take the time to encourage communications.

 Best Travel PR Company Logo: Nancy J Friedman PR
#10 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Agencies

Nancy J Friedman PR

New York, New York

#10 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Agencies of 2017 - Businesses in the travel industry need to have a positive perception and a high level of visibility. Achieving this combination can be a challenge, which is why savvy business owners turn to Nancy J Friedman PR. As one of the country's top ten public relations services, Nancy J Friedman PR is staffed by experts in communications, advertising and business relations. They are able to manage digital reputations and social media accounts of their clients. Nancy J Friedman PR also issues press releases when clients need to send out a rapid response or alert the media to a new product release.

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