10 Best Travel PR Agencies January 2017

The Ten Best PPC website has established an award for the best travel public relations agency. This award category includes the top ten agencies that provide travel industry clients with public relations services. The companies that are recognized by this award deliver critical communications services that help their clients to get noticed ahead of the competition. The firms that receive this award excel in written and digital communications, have vast networks of media and bloggers and help their clients to grow their customer bases. This award category is given to firms that are highly rated by their travel industry clients. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Top Travel Public Relations Company Logo: Mango PR
#1 of 10 Leading Travel PR Companies

Mango PR

London, United Kingdom

#1 of 10 Leading Travel Public Relations Companies of 2017 - Mango PR is an agency that manages public relations for clients in the travel sector. This company works with tour operators and travel guides in dozens of countries. Social media and social networks are used extensively to promote travel packages to potential clients on the web. Digital brochures are also published on professional websites that don't require any memberships for accessibility. In today's competitive age, it's also important for travel companies to offer free mobile applications. Mango PR can help its clients set up functional apps that work well on various mobile operating systems including Android, Apple and Windows Mobile.

 Top Travel PR Company Logo: Brandman Agency
#2 of 10 Top Travel PR Companies

Brandman Agency

Beverly Hills, California

#2 of 10 Top Travel PR Firms of 2017 - Brandman Agency is a public relations agency that is mainly focused on helping both companies and individual professionals in the travel industry. As globalization continues to bring communities together, there has never been a greater time for the travel industry. Still, as the travel industry continues to grow, so too do its needs. This is especially true in regards to maintaining a digital reputation. A travel organization's digital brand is just as important as its professionalism, and Brandman Agency is very much aware of this fact. It is for this reason that Brandman Agency works so hard.

 Leading Travel PR Agency Logo: Laura Davidson PR
#3 of 10 Leading Travel Public Relations Agencies

Laura Davidson PR

New York, New York

#3 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Firms of 2017 - When you're ready for top notch travel PR services that work, turn to the professionals of Laura Davidson PR. The representatives of this organization excel in offering clients the comprehensive, up to date public relations services which ensure that they are able to interface with the public in a powerful, positive way. Whether you're in need of crisis communications assistance or social media marketing services, this PR firm will implement the strategies necessary to optimize the visibility and conversion processes. Some of the other company capabilities include strategic planning, consultation, promotions, marketing partnerships, events and digital media. Choose Laura Davidson PR for the win!

 Best Travel PR Firm Logo: LER PR
#4 of 10 Top Travel PR Firms


New York, New York

#4 of 10 Leading Travel PR Businesses of 2017 - LER PR is a travel PR agency that does an excellent job for companies that operate in the travel space. Travel is becoming more and more important, especially to young people. This space is becoming more crowded, too, and if companies want to truly stand out, they need the assistance of a PR partner that can help them generate positive press. LER PR has specific experience for the travel industry that allows the company to shine while others struggle. For travel-based companies looking for a way to stand out over competitors, LER PR is a no-brainer right now.

 Best Travel PR Business Logo: Hills Balfour
#5 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Businesses

Hills Balfour

London, United Kingdom

#5 of 10 Leading Travel Public Relations Businesses of 2017 - The Ten Best SEO service has recognized Hills Balfour as a best travel PR agency. Hills Balfour is known for their ability to make their clients more visible to consumers and other businesses. They help to promote the products and services of their clients by rebranding, remarketing and storytelling. The staff of Hills Balfour provides its travel industry clients with essential public relations services such as press releases to the media about new product and service offerings. They also provide their clients with social media account management and online reputation management. Hills Balfour also delivers live special event coverage.

 Leading Travel Public Relations Firm Logo: The Red Republic
#6 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Businesses

The Red Republic

New South Wales, Australia

#6 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Firms of 2017 - The Red Republic has been recognized by 10 Best SEO as one of the top travel PR agencies in the nation. The Red Republic specializes in getting their clients noticed in a highly competitive industry. They work to put together enticing campaigns that boost the visibility of their boutique, medium and large sized clients. The team at The Red Republic uses a combination of video, beautiful images, audio and immersive technology in order to inspire other businesses and consumers to contact their clients. They develop long-lasting client relationships that are based upon excellent service and thorough public relations services.

 Leading Travel PR Firm Logo: J Public Relations
#7 of 10 Best Travel PR Businesses

J Public Relations

New York, New York

#7 of 10 Leading Travel PR Businesses of 2017 - J Public Relations is ranked as one of the ten best travel PR agencies. The team at J Public Relations provides its clients in the travel industry with traditional public relations services including press releases, reputation management and the publicity surrounding special events. J Public Relations is also known for its digital public relations services for its travel clients. They handle the social media accounts, consumer engagement and online digital marketing of travel services. J Public Relations is known for its technical expertise, strong communication skills and experienced team members who are dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction.

 Top Travel Public Relations Agency Logo: Coyne PR
#8 of 10 Best Travel Public Relations Businesses

Coyne PR

Parsippany, New Jersey

#8 of 10 Top Travel PR Firms of 2017 - Coyne PR has been recognized by industry observers as a best travel PR agency. The team at Coyne PR develops engaging and inspiring marketing campaigns on behalf of its clients in the travel industry. Their expertise includes printed publications that are distributed to industry experts and to consumers. Coyne PR also develops press releases and digital communications for its clients. They maintain a vast network of media and writers to help get the word out about the new services and locations that their travel clients want to promote. Coyne PR also assists clients with live events and special event management.

 Leading Travel Public Relations Firm Logo: McClusky International
#9 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Companies

McClusky International

London, United Kingdom

#9 of 10 Best Travel PR Businesses of 2017 - Advertising any type of travel business online is critical nowadays. It is also important to maintain a strong online reputation so that when people are looking for travel information while they are online, they will find good things about your site. When looking for a public relations firm, you won't want to choose just any firm. Instead, look for a PR firm that has plenty of experience with the travel industry, such as McClusky International. This is a PR firm that you can count on to advertise your website online and help you maintain a reputation that you can be proud of.

 Best Travel Public Relations Company Logo: Nancy J Friedman PR
#10 of 10 Best Travel PR Agencies

Nancy J Friedman PR

New York, New York

#10 of 10 Top Travel Public Relations Firms of 2017 - Nancy J Friedman PR is among the best in the business for travel PR. As a travel PR agency, the company is great at covering when things go wrong. The travel industry is an uncertain one. Problems happen and customers can be angry. Having a plan to help them through their anger and leave them with a positive feeling is something that can make or break a company. Nancy J Friedman PR does this well, and it helps travel companies of all kinds maintain a strong reputation even when things go wrong. Travel companies serious about building a brand have to consider Nancy J Friedman PR.

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