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Updated: October 01, 2019

Many musicians find that great melodies and the perfect lyrics are just not enough. Hiring a publicist who specializes music and entertainment can help potential fans find your band or act. On this page, 10 Best PR has aggregated their choices for the top music PR companies. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Best Music PR Agency Logo: Organic Music Marketing
#1 of 10 Top Music PR Companies

Organic Music Marketing

1145 Zonolite Rd NE, #5, Atlanta, Georgia 30306

#1 of 10 Top Music Public Relations Businesses of 2019 - Located in Atlanta, Organic Music Marketing is a public relations and agency that is not afraid to combine legacy marketing strategies with modern digital promotion campaigns. In essence, Organic Music Marketing follows the proven methodology applied by major record labels to serve the interest of clients who wish to promote their artistic productions. In recent years, this agency has built an impressive portfolio of clients; some of the most notable include Warner Music, RocNation, and Atlantic Records. Rappers Lil Yachty, Migos, 2 Chainz, and Tyga are also part of the list of satisfied clients. In addition to promotion, Organic Music Marketing also provides mixing and mastering services.

Top Music Public Relations Agency Logo: AMW Group
#2 of 10 Top Music Public Relations Firms

AMW Group

Los Angeles, California

#2 of 10 Best Music Public Relations Firms of 2019 - AMW Group provides a number of services and products to musicians and artists looking to expand their base. In the more than 20 years AMW Group has been on the music scene, they have helped countless artists make dreams come true through attention to detail,m hard work, and building an extensive network of publications and websites. AMW Group does not only cater to the music scene, as they have high-profile clients in event properties, luxury consumer brands, and more.

Best Music PR Business Logo: Planetary Group
#3 of 10 Top Music PR Companies

Planetary Group

Los Angeles, California

#3 of 10 Best Music Public Relations Businesses of 2019 - Outreach singularly defines the prospects of any band, so it’s wise for musicians to optimize their media management practices during early stages of development. The intricate science of branding doesn’t always come easy to artists, which is why PR operations like Planetary Group are a lifesaver. With their clever advertising methods, the power of public relations reaches the next level. Refined communication is the key to promotion, and these keen messaging experts are the best marketers California has in 2019. These savvy coordinators demonstrate extensive organizational talents while boasting countless insider resources from their home in Los Angeles.

Best Music PR Company Logo: Effective Immediately
#4 of 10 Top Music PR Firms

Effective Immediately

Los Angeles, California

#4 of 10 Best Music Public Relations Companies of 2019 - At Effective Immediately, they know the music industry. That is because those who make music are the public relation firm's focus. With offices in both New York and Los Angeles, the firm has roots on both coasts that allow for it to better serve the needs of its clients. Those clients are independent artists who are looking to build their brand and connect with fans. Effective Immediately helps them do just that, and it has built a strong reputation based on this. It has earned notice as a best music PR firm.

Top Music Public Relations Agency Logo: Cyber
#5 of 10 Best Music Public Relations Companies


Brooklyn, New York

#5 of 10 Best Music Public Relations Firms of 2019 - Cyber PR is a public relations firm that specializes in providing services to those in the music industry. The firm is based in Brooklyn and has an impressive team of professionals who understand what it takes for those in the music industry to succeed. The firm provides each client with an exceptional level of excellence, attention, knowledge, and professionalism. Cyber PR has been serving clients for 20 years and offers solutions that are effective. Why does Cyber PR stand among the best public relations firms in the marketing industry? Because it integrates a strategic and proven process with talented professionals who are driven to help their clients flourish.

Best Music Public Relations Company Logo: View Maniac
#6 of 10 Top Music Public Relations Businesses

View Maniac

Miami, Florida

#6 of 10 Best Music Public Relations Companies of 2019 - Based in Manhattan, View Maniac is a respected marketing and public relations agency that specializes in promoting music artists who wish to thrive across digital music channels. Over the last 10 years, View Maniac has built a prestigious book of clients who include recording artists under contract by Epic, Universal, Warner Brothers, and Epitaph. The services provided by this agency go beyond PR; specific promotion on modern channels such as Spotify and YouTube Music is also offered along with ancillary services such as artwork, logos, social media campaigns, and many others. View Maniac has been mentioned as a top music PR agency by the editorial staff of The Source and Rolling Stone magazines.

Best Music PR Business Logo: Right Angle Pr
#7 of 10 Best Music Public Relations Firms

Right Angle Pr

325 Broadway St, #303, New York, NY 10007

#7 of 10 Best Music PR Companies of 2019 - In the music industry, timing is everything. An artist needs to get the word out in advance about a performance, an upcoming single or a special event that they are hosting. One of the 10 best PR firms for artists and bands in the music industry is Right Angle Pr. The associates at Right Angle Pr have helped unknown artists to reach out and draw a big audience. They have also worked with up and coming artists and established artists in order to advance their careers. The associates at Right Angle Pr are passionate about music and helping their clients.

Top Music PR Business Logo: Quite Great PR
#8 of 10 Top Music PR Companies

Quite Great PR

Cambridge, UK

#8 of 10 Best Music Public Relations Agencies of 2019 - For artists in the music industry, Quite Great PR enshrines the convergence between inspired thinking and witty communication. This renowned public relations agency has been a riveting force in the media world since their launch in 1996. Despite spending over two decades in the fast-moving entertainment realm, this organization still feels fresh and energized. Since the beginning, Quite Great PR has been quietly helping performers of every genre polish their images and get in touch with audiences. No other enterprise can match the credentials on display at this preeminent European outlet. Their enlightened conceptualization of media relations is sincerely game-changing.

Top Music PR Firm Logo: Artist PR
#9 of 10 Best Music Public Relations Companies

Artist PR

Hollywood, California

#9 of 10 Top Music Public Relations Firms of 2019 - Being an artist can be an amazingly rewarding career choice, but it can also be a very difficult one to rise to the top in. That is why more artists and musicians are turning to Artist PR to increase their social presence and hot all the right notes in the public's eye. Artist PR allows clients access to thousands of music industry professionals and publications that can help your music reach thousands of fans. Utilize the company's talents to make your music sales more streamlined and easier to manage so you can focus on making amazing music for others.

Best Music Public Relations Agency Logo: BWR PR
#10 of 10 Top Music PR Agencies


Los Angeles, California

#10 of 10 Best Music Public Relations Agencies of 2019 - With an eye for what's trending, award-winning BWR2 PR knows what it takes to reach niche and mass audiences. The firm brings unexpected elements to campaigns that generate publicity and captivate consumers. Its music division works with rising artists, multi-platinum stars, and Grammy winners to generate millions of impressions via digital, broadcast, and print channels. As one of the first PR firms to employ the practice of cross-pollinating, BMR2 services include album launches, tour support, special events, and marketing strategies.

Special Recognitions

Best Music Public Relations Company Logo: Urbandubz
#11 Best Music PR Business


West Midlands, UK

Kickstarting a music career in today's highly competitive digital world is something that can be better achieved with a public relations partner such as Urban Dubz. Based in the United Kingdom and serving the American and European markets, Urban Dubz offers a broad range of PR services, including MP3 blog productions, social media strategies, YouTube campaigns, radio airplay, cover design, and more. Urban Dubz has served clients ranging from independent record labels to digital sampling stores and from EDM producers to music distribution companies. One of the most notable clients in Urban Duz' portfolio is Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1.

Top Entertainment Public Relations Firm Logo: MusicPromoToday
#12 Best Entertainment PR Firm


Montreal, Canada

Music Promo Today is one of the highest-rated music promotions company around. Billboard Magazine has called the company “master of music marketing”, and it’s not surprising. Music Promo Today are experts in the areas of positioning, promotion and publicity, and all of their services are in-house. With offices in New York and Montreal, the company has a direct line to important contacts in the business. Music Promo Today creates success for a variety of music around the world using disruptive marketing, groundbreaking social media campaigns and their extensive network of people in the music business.

Top Music PR Company Logo: In House Press
#13 Top Music Public Relations Agency

In House Press

Manchester, UK

In House Press is a UK-based music Public Relations firm specializing in print, online and radio promotion of its artists. The company devotes itself mainly to promoting bands and musicians that make either guitar-based music or dance music but doesn't try to deliberately limit itself to these styles, always insisting that its main interest lies in simply promoting music that those working at the company really like. Over the years, In House Press has assembled an extensive roster of artists it has promoted, including Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Fuck Buttons, Woods, Charles Bradley and low. In House has also given artists album reviews and other publicity in publications like The Guardian,Uncut Magazine, RnR Magazine and LoneomeHighway.com.

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