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10 Best PR (10BPR) works to help those looking to improve their public image. As a result, we take a number of steps in providing you with information about the industry and tactics which can help companies and individuals who struggle with this area. Below, we have developed our list of the 25 Best PR Tips.

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#11 Top Public Relations Tips

Control Your Environment.

#11 of 25 Best PR Tips Physical positions convey ideas of authority and purpose, yet public speakers often fall prey to the myth that their polished PowerPoint presentations will suffice, ignoring the importance of vocal volume, facial expressions and power pauses. Too often, speakers huddle in the front corner of an auditorium, their tinny voices ricocheting off the walls, and they lose the power of physical presence. Stand close to the front row of seats. Blaze the lights so people can watch your face. Stand aside from the lectern and gesture with your hands. The more animated you are, the more animated your audience will be. Arrange audience members close together in a semi-circle, and never, never, apologize for being nervous.

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#12 Top Public Relations Tips

Captivating Visual Demonstrations.

#12 of 25 Best PR Tips The most important rule of public presentations and top public relations tips is this: If a visual presentation can stand alone, it is wrong. The sins committed against PowerPoint are many and insidious, so always follow these three rules: Do not simply use bullet points. Show what you have to offer. Do not read off the screen. Know the value proposition. Do not be overly technical or overly simplistic. Attend a respectable workshop seminar to learn the ins and outs of powerful presentations, so you can understand the do's and don'ts.

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#13 Top Public Relations Tips

Transparency is Paramount (When Possible).

#13 of 25 Best PR Tips In times of crisis, Kimberly Kumiega, reputation management guru, said, "If you're not honest and forthright, people will begin to doubt your explanations, and it's all downhill from there." But honesty is more than a no-comment, and forthrightness is more than pointing fingers. The best PR tips declare that the key to crisis management is explanation, and that explanation must be humanized. As editor Bill Miltenberg says, "People want to hear from people, not logos." When it comes time to face a crisis, use a human face.

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Be What Your Customers Want.

#14 of 25 Best PR Tips According to Daniel Goleman, esteemed author of Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence, humans instinctively mirror the vocal cadences, sitting positions and emotions of people they like. And it works both ways. Intentionally mimicking – to a degree – the speech and body language of an audience member can foster rapport. William S. Condon called this situational synchrony "cultural microrhythms." One of the best PR tips is to learn the dance of synchrony. Do not be afraid to raise eyebrows, gesture with your hands and lean forwards. Those may be clues from your subconscious trying to get in sync with the other person.

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Social Media Marketing.

#15 of 25 Best PR Tips Facebook is not a broadcast platform. Forget the press releases. Facebook is the Happy Hunting Grounds where people go to gossip, boo and thumbs-up. It is emotionally evocative, and therefore Facebook content must be less text and more witty sound bites and graphic images. The 10 Best PR organization advises that Facebook should be used mostly for networking and publishing. It is the place to build and showcase brand affinity. As an example, in the summer of 2014, the ALS Ice Bucket challenge swept through Facebook like wildfire. The nation's freezers worked overtime as people dumped millions – literally, millions – of buckets of ice water on their heads in support of ALS research. Facebook said more than 15 million users posted about, commented or liked a post about the Ice Bucket challenge. More than $10 million was raised – all without a single explicit sales pitch.

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