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Updated: April, 1st 2019

Choose a top press release service when you want your business to inform consumers about innovative products, services and promotional events. When you contract with a top press release firm, you are able to let people know about your business promotions. Whether you plan to hire a new CEO or expand your current building, a press release firm helps you convey the information to the general public. Select a press release company from the following list if you need to publish excellent press releases following ideal formats and exhibiting exquisite writing skills. Let newsrooms know about your company's activities. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Best Press Release Service Logo: PR Wire Pro

#1 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2019 - PR Wire Pro is a press release firm. This company offers a platform and news publishing wire that enables content publishers to distribute newsworthy content online. Top news categories for PR Wire Pro include technology, business and marketing. Additional services provided by PR Wire Pro include press release writing services, content marketing campaigns and press release distribution. Companies use PR Wire Pro to distribute content to more than 250 networks and affiliates. PR Wire Pro was founded in January 2019.

Top Press Release Service Logo: PR Web
#2 of 10 Top Press Release Services

PR Web

Washington D.C.,

#2 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2019 - PR Web is the best press release firm for both corporations and nonprofit organizations that want to make sure the Internet has nothing but positive news articles and blog posts about it to show web users. PR Web is able to successfully, consistently stay on top of this tall order by utilizing a number of established communications channels across the globe, which isn't something that all public relations companies can offer its clients because they aren't as large as PR Web. Beltsville, Maryland, is home to the headquarters of PR Web, which always is looking for potential partners to serve.

Top Press Release Service Logo: PR Newswire
#3 of 10 Best Press Release Services

PR Newswire

New York, New York

#3 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2019 - Thanks to the Internet and how widely available it has become over the past decade, more people than ever are able to readily share the experiences that they've had with business, organizations, and individuals with other people around the world. As a matter of fact, these user-created reviews are more reliable than word of mouth in many places around the world. To help stay on top of entities' images, PR Newswire has released tens of thousands of press releases about its clients that have drastically improved how well they're looked at by customers and clients. Get protected with PR Newswire.

Best Press Release Service Logo: Business Wire
#4 of 10 Top Press Release Services

Business Wire

San Francisco, California

#4 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2019 - Web users trust the most legitimate, reputable, and solid sources of news and other information as a means of learning about what's going on in the world. Most people simply don't trust small web pages or those that haven't been thoroughly vetted by thousands of other users to get their information. That's why it's so important to spread news about your business through Business Wire, a trusted press release dissemination company that is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Business Wire even helps alert your business to waves of bad news and reviews about your operations and its employees to best influence public opinion.

Top Press Release Service Logo: Market Wired
#5 of 10 Best Press Release Services

Market Wired

Toronto, Canada

#5 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2019 - When people want to put out a press release for a new product or service that their company provides, many choose to work with Market Wired. There is a reason for this; over the years, this firm has built up a reputation for excellence. By getting the right information in front of target demographics, they consistently prove that they are up to the task of serving their clients. In a world where many competing press release firms exist, it's good to know that this one stands above the rest.

Top Press Release Service Logo: eReleases
#6 of 10 Best Press Release Services


Baltimore, Maryland

#6 of 10 Best Press Release Services of 2019 - Press release firm, eReleases, has the largest newswire service; PR Newswire’s premium service where press releases go directly to journalists. The firm hires professional journalists to work as editors to polish customer's press releases and the press release firm also offers writing services which attract media attention. EReleases offers three different plans, however, all include Associated Press News Network distribution along with distribution to Yahoo! News and Google News. Extra services, such as immediate distribution, are also available.

Best Press Release Service Logo: PR.com
#7 of 10 Best Press Release Services


Melville, New York

#7 of 10 Best Press Release Services of 2019 - PR.com is an affordable press release firm which lets customers choose their distribution level. Every paid package offers submissions to search engines and Google News and Bing News. Packages also come with regional and industry-specific distribution. PR.com also maintains a directory of businesses where customers can have their company profile, a list of their products or services and job opportunities, depending on the membership the customer selects. Press release submissions are easy and the site has a high domain authority.

Best Press Release Service Logo: Release Wire
#8 of 10 Top Press Release Services

Release Wire

Green Bay, Wisconsin

#8 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2019 - Top companies rely on ReleaseWire to distribute their press releases. Distribution services include SBWire, NewsWire and MediaWire. Engagement services include CRM, connect and publisher. Media monitoring services include SenFluence and Journalists Center. Since 2005, ReleaseWire has been a site in which people could send relevant information to journalists and top bloggers without SPAM. This firm's services meet the needs of small and large businesses. Press release engagement tools include analytics, multimedia distribution, hosted newsrooms and a media CRM system.

Top Press Release Service Logo: PR Fire
#9 of 10 Best Press Release Services

PR Fire

Bristol, UK

#9 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2019 - Press releases are news stores that are put out by companies and organizations to inform news circles, independent bloggers, journalists, its clients, and other entities about new things that they want the world to know about. Without press releases, businesses would not be able to formally tell others about their work outside of individually going to journalists and news agencies and telling them about what's new on a direct-to-entity basis. PR Fire is a press release firm that helps companies share nothing but positive news about themselves on the Internet. The company is a trusted provider of instant, timely press release pieces.

Top Press Release Service Logo: Easy-Press Release
#10 of 10 Top Press Release Services

Easy-Press Release

Brighton, Colorado

#10 of 10 Top Press Release Services of 2019 - Press releases are a unique type of business communicatory material that are used to formally announce major changes to businesses, apologize for their wrongdoings, and otherwise inform people of their happenings. Easy-Press Release is a public relations company that has established a solid, trusted, reliable channel for companies to pump out formal content that informs people of what those companies want them to know. The company is proud to help businesses tell their stories to people all around the world, something that every business should be able to do but many of them simply aren't able to because they don't get on board with world-class companies like Easy-Press Release.

Special Recognitions

Top Press Release Service Logo: PR Underground
#11 Best Press Release Service

PR Underground

New York, New York

When it comes to putting out a press release, PR Underground is an incredible resource. Although many businesses forego press releases these days, they are truly doing themselves a disservice. People still respect the information provided in press releases. Whether it's about a new product, a new service or even a new company, there's something about a press release that stands out and appeals to potential customers. PR Underground serves its clients by getting the word out in a way that is palatable and interesting.

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