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10 Best PR (10BPR) works to help those looking to improve their public image. As a result, we take a number of steps in providing you with information about the industry and tactics which can help companies and individuals who struggle with this area. Below, we have developed our list of the 25 Best PR Tips.

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#6 Top Public Relations Tips

Cultivate Media Partnerships.

#6 of 25 Best PR Tips Just as a choir is louder than a soloist singer, so are media partnerships more effective than a lone publicist. One of the top PR tips is to embrace the myriad of available media outlets: talk radio, local news, print journalism, etc. Partner with any and all outstretched hands. Feed them something tasty: a startup's launch, the release of a compelling new study, a corporate merger, etc. Include photos, quotes and a company description, and then wait for the snare to close.

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Stay Calm & React Accordingly.

#7 of 25 Best PR Tips In a viral episode of Kitchen Nightmares, bakery owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglatell responded to harsh criticism of their beloved restaurant by waging war on Reddit, Yelp and Facebook. The sanguinary online food fight earned the bakery a Worst Business Award in 2013. There is a better way to manage and mitigate publicity crises. Keep calm and carry on. Steve Jobs said, "Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations." Focus on the positive. When speaking with an abrasive reporter or aggrieved customer, avoid the bobble-head syndrome; do not nod your head up and down to signify sympathy, as it may come across as sniveling ingratiation or apathetic weakness.

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#8 Top Public Relations Tips

Community Involvement & Charity Work.

#8 of 25 Best PR Tips Volunteering to help with community and charity work is a double-edged sword: It shows interest in the local community, and it reaches new prospects. One study found that 72 percent of Americans want to work for companies that sponsor charitable causes. About that many purchase goods from businesses based on their involvement with the local community. Actions speak louder than words and are often far less expensive. So sponsor a health walk, host a volunteer work day, or donate towards education.

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#9 Top Public Relations Tips

Using Stats to Know Your Customers.

#9 of 25 Best PR Tips The power of analytics cannot be understated when it comes to the best PR tips. Data analysis can foster predictive action models, create accountability and provide the proof in the pudding. It shows what works and what doesn't work yet. But what should be analyzed? Look towards web lead conversion, return on sales, referral traffic, RSS subscribers and percentage of positive feedback. Use Google analytics for web data acquisition and a data analysis system, like SAS, to monitor and examine other business intelligence metrics.

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#10 Top Public Relations Tips

Proper Communication.

#10 of 25 Best PR Tips The lexicon of shady verbiage includes weak-kneed adjectives like "fascinating," "bestselling," and of course that perennial verbal flea, "free." Salesy language is a meatless skeleton without power. People respond to facts, not fluff. So avoid informal capitalization, excessive personalization and promotional content. No acronyms. When in doubt, do without nebulous adjectives and –ly adverbs. Industry-specific terms should be replaced by concise explanations. As a rule of thumb, any e-mail should contain 10 percent or less promotional material, and zero percent of that material should be jargon and lingo.

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